Two Foreign-Born Men Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charges

Fat donald wanted a public statement from the Ukraine, that they were investigating Biden’s son really, really bad.

“I don’t know any Stormy Daniels”
-fat donald

There’s always a tweet. :rofl:

“Look at this photograph” of people I don’t know. :rofl:

We knew he was lying as soon as he said he didn’t know him, if there is a criminal around, fat donald can be found.

A photograph of President Donald Trump posing with a recently indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was posted online in April 2014, two years prior to what had been their first known interaction. In the photo, Trump and Lev Parnas stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling at the camera at what appears to be an outdoor nighttime event. Trump wears a white, Trump-branded cap and white shirt under a jacket. Parnas wears a royal blue collared shirt. The circumstances of the meeting captured in the photograph remain unclear.”

Somehow its supposed to mean something that Sondland checked with Trump. Of course he did. Some other guy tells him that Trump is wanting Ukrainian corruption investigated for political reasons. I assume he didn’t agree that this should be done. How the heck is he supposed to find out if this is true? He’s going to contact the WH and ask them if they are pushing an investigation for political purposes.
How else is he going to check this out?
And yet the fake media pretends this is a real finding.

Now pretend Barack Obama is still President. And all of this is happening. How suspicious would you be? How much benefit of the doubt would you give to a president you didn’t vote for or support?

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It’s Sondland saying “those words I said weren’t mine, they are the presidents”

Is he lying or is the president?

C’mon folks, we need to pray for fat donald.


That’s simply too rich.

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That’s nothing compared to the two convicted in the Ukraine for interfering in a US election.

This is amazing. Just like the snake oil salesmen years ago. Only instead of selling an elixir, they’re selling Trump. Trump is the magic potion.

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They also sold condos for Fred Trump.


Remember the folks on the Right who got apopletic and wanted Barack Obama impeached-convicted and jailed because he had an early fundraiser in Bill Ayers house?


Why does this constitute obstruction of justice? Dishonest spin perhaps but in what was a a judicial activity impeded. I’m no fan of Trump as folks around here are well aware, but Trump was feeding Sondland an official line to feed to someone on ground. Or am I reading it wrong?

It is a real finding… subject to interpretation. You have questioned how important it is… but just as a new piece of information what is fake about it?

We’ve already seen the text message transcript in which Sondland said there was no quid pro quo. Sondland is now clarifying that he was relaying Trump’s preferred message and apparently not something Sondland wants to be associated with.

There is nothing “fake” here.

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Who the ■■■■ is eric kleefield and what is his relationship or knowledge of the molly jong fast?

Finally! Somebody we know! Kyle is a member of the Scott Stedman Army. Look at that neck beard.

Getting ready for another amazing infrastructure week.

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