Two bills upcoming that can’t be filibustered

It’s a new day in America.

“The new ruling will enable Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to break up Biden’s infrastructure proposal into two legislative packages.”

The first portion, a $2.25 trillion measure unveiled by the White House last month, includes more traditional infrastructure priorities. The second part, planned for later in the year, will include more people-focused spending priorities favored by progressives, such as expanded child care, free community college, universal prekindergarten and more affordable housing.

Now Mitch will be forced to play ball with the dems or get shut out again like with the stimulus package.

His choice.


Yay more plunder.


Yay more bridges being fixed.


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Save that for people who don’t know only six percent of the bill is actually for infrastructure ok?


Really 6%?

That’s why they separated the one bill into two bills

One for infrastructure.

One for the progs wish list.

Political genius.

Okay Mitch. Your turn.


Save that for people who don’t know infrastructure is a heck of a lot more than roads and bridges.


I don’t think he wants to be a part of this…and it’s a good thing.

The house of cards is close to collapsing. And ironically enough, I’m actually glad Trump is out of office, because when it happens, Biden will get the blame.

No, I’m not cheering for the failure of America, I’m just realistic and see where this is going is all.


The 20’s will roar. lol


Too much of our debt is due to wars, social programs and largesse. To me, if we are going to accrue debt then infrastructure is the way to do it, you actually get something tangible which will improve the economy over time and increase revenue. I am especially hoping for a modernization of our electric grid. We can’t convert to a greener economy on the old grid, there is too much loss of power over conventional lines, the buried modern lines have much less loss and are less prone to power outages, which again helps the economy.

This is the right kind of debt.

As far as the second package, I am all for investing in education. That, again, over time increases revenue due to having a more educated populace.


Increases revenue for who though? When everyone has a degree, they aren’t quite as special anymore.

One bill for a little infrastructure and leftists wish list.
And additional bill for more of leftists wish list.

You can easily access a break down of the bill to see this is false.
You shouldn’t get your facts from Mitch he is lying to you.

Man, they’re really going balls out.

I guess they’re betting that doing something rather than bravely taking a stand by doing nothing or stopping things from happening is a winning issues.

So pessimistic. and doom and gloom. :slightly_frowning_face:

America survived the orange reality tv host pretending to be president. America will survive and thrive under biden.

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believe whatever you want. apparently there is no convincing you. but one thing is for sure - the bill going to pass. :star_struck:

Everyone will not get a degree. Many will opt to get job training.

When I look at all of the political balance going to one side, that I know is not the best direction for the whole of our nation, I’m glad I’m close to retirement and scared for our upcoming generations who will have to bear the financial tax burden of the idiocy of the corrupt, lop-sided financial decisions being made by ONLY Democrats today.


Under the bad orange man the southern border was largely under control…we had historically low unemployment pre virus, and a strong enough economy to get us through the virus…we were standing up to the Chinese and had made historic peace deals in the Mid East…we created a series of vaccines for the virus in an historic time frame…

And Biden spent the first month of his presidency revearsing those policies. The man and his handlers are unfit to be in the White House.

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1, Biden will spend his first 100 days pushing though the stimulus package that has helped innumerable people

  1. Biden will get his infrastructure deal done that will help innumerable people.

Will be hard to argue with those two successes under his belt.


history never repeats… 1861