Two American citizen arrested in Saudi Arabia for support woman rights

No I agree with you, anyone who breaks their countries laws is stupid. Who cares how barbaric they may be. Resisting your government is idiotic.

Through appropriate diplomatic channels. This is not that. They are Saudi Citizens trying to make change. They need to accept responsibility for their actions.

They are dual citizens advocating for women’s rights

You mean that stupidity should hurt?

I say that of anyone who breaks the law and gets caught that stupidity should hurt. Now don’t read too much into that.

Such “strength”

You act like they murdered a Saudi official or something.

Is that what you tell your kids/or are going to tell your kids - when they come home drunk and you beat them with your belt a few times?

These guys were standing up for women’s rights in a repressive country. You think they should just hide in their houses like you’d do, instead of trying to change things for the better?

They’re heroes. And you? Well…once again you prove you’d never wear a red bandana.

Not always. But you need to be aware that if you do, it might be painfull if you are caught.

They dared defy their government. Very stupid.

What law did they break and why was it stupid to break it

In a country where they know they could be arrested for doing so. They made the choice to do so. They should have been prepared for the consequences.

How much should it hurt? Cut off their hands? Their feet? Is that enough hurt for you?

Who was saying they were not aware? Let’s focus on how stupid they are.

Me? I like people who didnt get captured…just sayin



Just like I wanted the bundy’s charged and tried for their stupidity (they got off but spend time in jail, they should still be rotting).

Just like I have no sympothy for a Utah County Comission member who blatently told the Feds he was going to do what he wanted and they couldn’t stop him. Well guess what, he served 10 days in jail and had 90k in fines he’s paying off. Stupid should hurt.

You think these guys weren’t aware of the consequences of their bravery?

They knew what would happen far better than you - they live in that ****-hole.

That didn’t stop them any more than our repressive laws and red-neck jerks stopped people marking in Missippi.

It’s called bravery and standing up for principles…

Stealing is the same as fighting for women’s rights? OK.

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Oh they know. I tell them all the time that stupidity should hurt. My kids are all out of the house on their own. And even if they hurt from their actions (as one did), they know I still love and support them as a person.

Didn’t say that. Just said they should be aware of, and prepared for the consiquences of what they do. They are citizens of that country, they should know what to expect.

Heroes? Remains to be seen and judged by history.

You’re dying on the wrong hill.