Twitter removes Trump Nickelback clip featuring Bidens after copyright complaint

Darn liberals trying to make our president look bad… Mr Trump should be able to use anyone’s music because he is our President.

Nickelback should go back to Canada where they came from!

It was hilarious. It had over 11 million views when I watched it. Of course they were going to censor it.

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Trump is the Nickelback of presidents.

I can’t find anyone in person who admits to supporting either one, yet multi-platinum albums and elections do mean that these people exist somewhere…


Its not censorship its copyright protection.

Its not the first time that Trump has infringed on someone elses copyright.

Did he make the video, or just retweet it?

Trump is the Nickleback of Presidents; I thought it was a perfect match!

Do I sense the hand of kamala harris at work??


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If you listen to the non-radio stuff, they aren’t terrible, perhaps even quite good in spots. Trump, and the majority of his supporters, remains ■■■■■■

Is she pro-copyright protection?

If it was retweeted, does that make it less of a copyright violation?

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It means it wasn’t Trump that violated the copyright.

Unless you expect everyone who uses YouTube and twitter to go around making sure the original author had permission before you repost something.

Subjecting people to Nickelback is an impeachable offense


The retweet is still a copyright violation - the source is irrelevant (and in this rare case, I don’t particularly care that trump did this - it’s a fairly common issue that anyone could easily run afoul of). If it was not a copyright violation because it wasn’t an original post, that would pretty much invalidate all copyright law and protections.

And no, I really don’t expect people to check everything they repost/retweet, but if the original is a copyright violation they shouldn’t be upset when the repost is also zapped as it is still a copyright violation.

Correct. ATT owns the song and did not give trump permission.


A short little segment of a song like that, the way it was use is typically “fair use” of a song. If Trump didn’t create it, and it was just a regular person who did. Shouldn’t be a copyright violation.

“Typically.” That usually just means the copyright owner didn’t sue. Using even a snippet of a copyrighted work without permission is a violation unless it is specifically used in a manner that falls under the “Fair Use” exceptions. Guess what? This wasn’t one.

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Not true. You put a song like that on a video, any video regardless of length with that kind of distribution then it’s gonna get pulled. It happens all of the time.

YouTube doesn’t allow it. Just to name one.

Twitter like youtube will let the content creator and the person who claimed the copyright strike duke it out.

Trump can submit a counter notice to get it reinstated. It then gets all legal.