Twitter is blocking ALL verified accounts from tweeting

Including Trump’s.

Twitter has been essentially taken down by hackers.

The mainstream media is panicking! Without the Twitter mobs and bots how can they decide what the narrative is?


Trump can’t tweet? Well I guess a war is imminent


Queue Conservatives “Twitter is bias against Conservatives!”

laughs in chinese


Conservatives media is going to have a meltdown!!

“See all it took was for liberals to have their accounts hacked to shutdown Trump!!”

“Deep state found another way to shut conservatives down, hack liberals”

Trump is going to lose his mind tonight. He can’t tweet, RT or golf. :rofl:


Oh no, not Twitter! And I was just going to sign up for an account.

Hackers? Hmmmmmm


At least he’s stocked up on Goya.

I heard they were hacked and the hackers are demanding Bitcoins, claiming they will pay back more bitcoin than they get. Supposedly some celebrities paid the amount demanded.

I refuse to believe a hacker or group of hackers took over the Twitter accounts of a former president, a man running for president, two of the richest men in the world, amongst others as a simple Bitcoin scam. There are literally thousands of better ways to extract money when you essentially gain access to all of Twitter.

Trump signs the executive order yesterday, China vows retaliation and this happens today.

Idk man… This is really fishy.

Supposedly Elon Musk paid a ransom. That was dumb. Heard it on radio but don’t know if it’s true.

Trumps Twitter is on.

Trust me on this. It’s too late for me to go back but in the hopes I can save another:


My post was dripping in sarcasm, but thanks for the confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.

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Oh, my bad.

No worries, I quite enjoyed the Nancy meme.

I think this attack took more than one day planning.

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This “event” revealed they are guilty of perjury lying about editing trends or shadow banning. It appears they do indeed have a user black list and all sorts of algorithmic demotion categories to keep people from trending etc. Cleary a publisher.