Twitter CEO admits eating a Chic-Fil-A

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Sunday expressed regret over eating at Chick-fil-A, because of the chicken company’s CEO’s personal views on gay marriage.

Shame on Dorsey. Can he keep his job after committing such a sin? His goose (or chicken) is probably cooked. We’ll have to stand by and find out.

Why should I care where this numbnuts eats at? Also, why is this in the politics section?

So there were three tweets about it, and that’s somehow liberal outrage that you are now outraged about.

That seems pathetic.

Did I say there was outrage?
Did I say I am outraged about it?
Why make things up?

Actually yes you did when you insinuated that his job is in trouble. Something that would only occur if there was outrage over what he said

So basically you are saying you created a “nothing burger” thread?

The point of this thread is what?

All that over a sandwich?

The pro-homosexual fascists sure come out of the woodwork whenever anyone does something they think they can bully them over, don’t they?

The correct response is to deride them, laugh in their faces, rather than to give them the responses they want. That only makes them bolder. They share that with jihadis, give them an inch and they start wanting a mile.

Paul was right smack dab on the beam to call out the acceptance and support of homosexuality as a proverbial canary in a coal mine for a people who have departed from the knowledge about God. By the time that advocacy seems reasonable a whole lotta horses have already bolted from the coral.

I’ll admit this thread has me wanting to have Chic Fil A for lunch, I think I just might, its good stuff.

I am surprised that his lips didn’t fall off.

Doesn’t mattter if it’s chicken sandwiches or coffee makers - we all be living in grass huts wearing figs leaves if we boycotted every company whose politics disagree with ours.

Damn it, now I want those waffle fries.

I think this was the point of posting a thread like this.

I didn’t say I was outraged and I didn’t say anybody else was. PizzaReverend appears to be in training as a word twister. Maybe you can help him out.

I just had some with CFA sauce, that stuff is addicting as hell.

My grandmother used to put it on her eggs in the morning. The CFAs in my area sometimes gave me a bag full for her every couple of weeks. Sometimes they’d charge. Never raised a fuss if they did though.

It took us a long time to go through the last of her supply once she was gone.

I have seen a website that has a copycat recipe on it. I haven’t tried that out yet.

I wonder if anything else stupid happened on social media in the past 5 minutes that we should discuss.

I hate CFA. I mean I hate the owners opinions on LGBT stuff but I hate them more because my kids always want it and there’s 100% of the time a line of cars a mile long out the drive thru. Did they trick white women into thinking their food was healthy or something?

More lunacy from some on the left. The average person does not care one bit about the politics of the owners of companies. But there are left wing mobs who will shame anyone who dared to eat at a place where the owners have different beliefs than they do.

Chic Fil A does not refuse to serve anyone. Everyone ls treated with respect. So that isn’t the issue. The issue is the owner is a Christian who believes in traditional marriage.

From CBS:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey found himself back pedaling after tweeting about using Chick-fil-A’s mobile app, saying he’d forgotten about the fast-food chain’s history of opposing gay marriage.

Dorsey found himself the subject of a tweetstorm after he posted a screenshot showing how he’d saved 10 percent using Chick-fil-A’s app at one of the fast-food chain’s outlets in Los Angeles.

“This is an interesting company to boost during Pride month, Jack,” tweeted former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, noting June is the month designated to celebrate LGBT communities around the world

Yeah, when I went today both drive through lanes were full and the inside was pretty much shoulder to shoulder. Its why I usually don’t go very often. Don’t like the wait.