Twitter banning all political ads

NBC and Variety reporting that Twitter is banning all political ads.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey: "“A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people. We believe this decision should not be compromised by money.”

He said they’d considered allowing just issue ads, but decided not to.

Good move. Hopefully Facebook will follow, but I don’t expect it.


Thank God.

About time. :clap:

What they should ban is a president who posts a fake ■■■■■■■■ Photoshop of him bestowing a Medal of Honor onto a canine that didn’t actually happen. Yeah, this might be ok for some 5th grade internet troll but it certainly makes the president appear to be a feeble moron. Which really isn’t too far from the truth, is it?


A few more links:

And it seems that not everyone agrees with Zuckerberg over at Facebook.

Soviet Style Banning Of Free Speech!!

I half expected him to toss the dog a fried chicken leg and let the dog eat the bone.

Mr Magoo would literally be less of an embarrassment as POTUS than Trump. He’d certainly be less cartoonish.


It really couldn’t have been worth the hassle at this point.

They’ve had their asses dragged away from California to put on suits in DC so much because of it. No one wants that.

Good I’m tired of seeing constant ads from Mayor Pete trolling for cash to have dinner with his boyfriend and see that stupid play “Hamilton.”

Zuckerberg thinks because his " Who’s Hot and Whose not?" Website took off in ways he had never dreamed of makes him smart like say a Steve Jobs.

Honestly Im sorry I even have those 2 names in the same post.

Wont happen again


Now if we could get all television networks to do the same, it would be a glorious victory for all.

I’m Dissident Aggressor, and I approve this message.

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ad’s on network TV? what a quaint concept