TWEET DELETE: Rep. Omar Quietly Deletes Tweet Slamming Covington Students after Backlash | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Ilhan Omar quietly deleted her infamous tweet slamming the Covington Catholic students on social media Wednesday; removing her post after an avalanche of criticism and outrage from users across the country.

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Runtrain on this muslim SWINE.

She was about to get sued and I bet that is the only reason she removed the tweets. The students pro bono lawyer was on Fox and Friends this morning and gave them 48 hrs to remove any slanderous remarks or he was going to hang it up their derrier sideways.

Do not click bet, I am not sure how that became a hyper link.

If she were to make comments like this in her native country, she would receive more than a verbal backlash!!! So what the heck gives her the right to flap her ignorant lips in the United States???
Please assimilate into our customs while in the United States or feel free to LEAVE!!!