TV series Watchmen

Just saw it and am thoroughly intrigued with the direction it’s going.

I was particularly interested in the opening scene depicting the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 and wondered why it wasnt covered in any of my history classes

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Cool, so it just went ahead and started with “white people are bad” eh? Par for Hollyweird.

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No, it started with a factual event that actually took place in our country.

I remember watching a documentary on this massacre a few years back and I’m amazed at how almost no one knows about it.
Planes dropping bombs? Insane.

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Talk about white washing history…

Many younger people (under 40) also never heard about this particular story. I guess since they would have only been children at the time.


I’m also interested on where they’re going with the torrential downpours of squid.

At least the squidies show us that this show takes place in the timeline of the comic and not the movie timeline.

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I’ve never read the comic (which I hear is great). Does it cover the cause of the squid storms or are they simply a set piece of an alternate reality?

The biggest way the movie and the comic diverge is in the ending. In the movie, Veidt uses a weapon that has the same energy signature as Doctor Manhattan to destroy several major cities, thereby framing him, and hopefully having humanity unite against Doctor Manhattan, and diverting nuclear war.

In the comic, instead of framing Doctor Manhattan, Veidt uses a crew of scientists and artists to create a squid looking movie monster. After killing them all, and using a special energy signature to bring the monster alive. The squid is the size of Godzilla, and Veidt drops the monster on top of New York, where it causes tons of damage and kills hundreds of thousands.

The result is the same. The world powers bring down the war talks to focus on the bigger threat.

So we don’t know what the baby squid downpours are about yet, but it’s probably a byproduct of Veidt’s original attack.

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Inter-dimensional something or rather? I’ve never read the comics but I’m hooked on the show. I loved the movie as well.

It is one of the greatest comics written.

That and the Dark Knight Returns changed the medium forever.

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The Dark Knight Returns is absolutely amazing.

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For anyone interested there are several companion websites that further explore events surrounding the show

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Awesome! Thank you!!

I watched the first episode and I hope the story is not going to disappear up its own arse.

I have no issue with complex stories that make you think but I also need to have my questions answered.

My biggest concern is that all we will get with Watchmen is a pretentious show that tries to be too clever.

Explained by two words that raise lots of hackles here: “white privilege”.

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Someone posted the link to this earlier, but this is pretty cool as an add-on for the story line.