TV Program Recommendation - Dickensian

I am always late to the game when it comes to TV shows. I hear about “Endeavour” until it was in its sixth season and then I had to play catch-up. Great show, and beautifully produced (though the 3 episode S7 wasn’t quite up to snuff.)

So then I heard about this show called “Dickensian” Once again it was on for about 2 seasons five years ago and I’m just hearing about it. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a Victorian era mystery/melodrama that brings characters from several of Dickens’ novels into the same “universe.” The main plots involve the murder of Jacob Marley and the revenge scheme of Arthur Havisham when his sister (Miss H of Great Expectations as a young girl) inherits the bulk of their father’s estate. You’ve got the Havishams, Little Nell, Scrooge and the Cratchets, Sir Leicester Deadlock, Fagin and Dodger, Inspector Bucket, the Bumbles - I would love to have been a fly on the wall in this pitch meeting because I wouldn’t have believed that the concept could possibly gel. Very entertaining.