Turns out the dems are better for the police than the gop

According to the national association of police officers and legislative votes in the 116th congress

Percentage that voted along with the napo position

Pelosi 80%
Schiff 86%
Maxine waters 86%
Aoc 71%

McCarthy 57%
Stefan I’m 57%
Brooks 33%

I see someone received his talking point memo…even thou 2 days late.


Better late than never. :wink:


Once again actual facts show a gop talking point is nothing more than bull feces

Trying to boost the GOP started the Defund the Police movement with this crap? How sweet.


Wow, so it’s the Dems who are in the pocket of these racist violent cops. Who knew?



OMG…yum, yum, yum…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I can’t believe this was posted here.


Yes, cops love democrats, thanks for the morning laugh lol.


And yet your party wants them defunded! Support groups who want the defunded! March with groups who want them defunded! It’s a nice urban legend you have convinced yourself into believing.


Gotta pay the bills.

Wonder how long this admin will try to keep up this farce. It’s not like Google doesn’t exist.

Look at the actual bills in the referenced articles. Basically, the difference is in whether the federal government should bail out excessive spending by the states, not specific police funding bills. Is the state or the federal government responsible for bailing out excessive pensions for all state workers, for example.


besides, all those democratic district attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals and making sure the convicted criminals are freed early are doing their part to make sure the need for police is reduced…


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yea just IGNORE all the dem run cities slashing police budgets and having crime start to run rampant. IGNORE all the calls to have officer lose immunity so they quit in bulk leaving cities unprotected. IGNORE the leftist democrats that say no bail for criminals, and that certain things like shoplifting shouldn’t be charged.

Ignore all that ■■■■ and just run with the ■■■■■■■ leftist talking point.


At least their constituency seems to be wising up.

^^^^^^^^^ you just can’t make crap like this up ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Oh wait… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Yep, “community policing” working just fine in Baltimore.

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Wilson became a victim of the gun violence he worked every day to prevent.

No mayor…call it like it is. Wilson became a victim of thug violence…

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Yep narrative/talking pts above truth for the left.

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