Turkey sanctions bye bye

Explain to me again how he isnt working for putin again because this smells like ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■

Trump pulls out, turkey takes over, makes an agreement with russia. Trump lifts sanctions, turkey cease fire ensues.

Now russia has massive influence over the area. The kurds are being pushed out, isil is free…and yet this man is a genius?

Ya ok…


You can’t be expected to understand the tactics of an extremely stable genius.

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Trump prevents Kurd massacre through diplomacy.

ISIS prisoners back in custody and secure.

Looks like a win to me.



Hold on…the post to explain this is about to come up…

Ah there it is…


Like I said…Syria has always been part of Russian sphere.

Better we are out and focused back in Iraq.


Troops cant stay in iraq…
Utterly meaningless. We turned on our allies to appease turkey and russia

Look at it as a victory for diplomacy.

I really cannot understand being disappointed that the Kurds were not overwhelmed by the Turk military.


In all seriousness, why do you care? And please explain why I should care.

They have been killing each other in the middle east for CENTURIES! What reason do we have to be there? Is our military mercenaries for Saudi Arabia? Should they be?

We have enough oil in the US that we dont need there oil. If I understand it correctly, we have enough oil for our own consumption that we are selling our excess. Let Russia have that whole area. Remember, Hillary and Obama had the reset button and they are no longer our adversaries.

Tell me here and say it clearly. Should we be adding to our debt (which is already 22 trillion dollars), trying to prop up dictators that do not have democracies in the middle east? Let Russia prop them up. I do not want any more Americans killed in that place. This country has sacrificed enough.

We know you can’t understand the fact that Trump’s weakness led to hundreds of Kurdish deaths, ethnic cleansing, loss of confidence from our allies, and increased sphere of Russian influence. All which could have been avoided had Trump stood up to a tinpot dictator.

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Trump Tower Istanbul kebabs for everyone!



That’s the real reason and we all know it. Even the Trump bootlickers.

We just ceded power to russia.
I dont know about you but I’m not a weak minded person who bends over for everyone.

Trump is…or russia has something on him. He is clearly trying to help russia from within

Who were we propping up? We were protecting our allies the kurds.

Why do I care, because I’m honest and my word means something.

Clearly is doesnt to trump supporters…

Um we are sending 1900 soldiers to the sauds. Where have you been?
You dont understand correctly about oil…I’m not explaining it to you. Go learn something.

Ah debt…that’s neat…go hold a tea party rally…no? Okie dokie…

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Russia has ALWAYS been a Syrian satellite.

I am certain these diplomatic efforts have SAVED many lives.

Most importantly they have spared American lives.


Can anyone here explain why some US special forces remained behind in Syria to guard oil?

When did they become our ally? Was there a 2/3rds vote in the senate? When was that? I must have missed it.

Endless war!!

Cause Obama sent them there almost ten years ago for thirty days. They have been there ever since.

When they joined our skirmish. This really snt hard