Tulsi Qualifies for November debate

Well I figured it would happen and she has been slowly rising in the polls. Probably had some help from Beto going bye bye. So we are at 10 and the election is a year off. Only improving.

Foreign policy
Health Care


Is she going to actually talk about policy or will she just whine about being mistreated the whole time?

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Depends what sticks I suppose. You can always just go to her site for policy

Every candidate has policy on their website. Voters want a candidate who inspires them. Complaining about mistreatment isn’t inspiring,

Unsure what poll you are looking at, the 538 A+ Monmouth poll has her at less than 1%


(Page 5)

Has no traction.


Ridiculous. Obviously you dont know what the criteria for getting into the debates are

(As a reminder, making the November debaterequires candidates to have four surveys of at least 3 percent support in national or early-state polls, or at least 5 percent support in two polls from the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. 2 They also need contributions from 165,000 unique donors — including at least 600 individual donors in at least 20 states or territories.)

This Tulsi chick sounds like a bona fide Ross Pero (God rest his soul). lol

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Judging by Presidential approval polls, the whining and victimhood approach seems to appeal to ~30% of the electorate.

You would know eh? Heh heh heh

The next time you feel physically compelled to get my attention, do so without the Beavis and Butthead impression. :wink:

Oh that wasn’t it. It was more Uncle Ernie from Tommy. Fiddle about. Got your attention fast too lol

Screaming fans will do that. :kissing_heart:

Not to real Rock Stars

Rock stars are also drug addicts. I’m just a big fish enjoying the minnows in this puddle. :sunglasses:

Hey. she could complain about other candidate’s policies, her second go-to.

But inspiration or her own policies? Doubtful!

A Putin agent in the D debate.

Way to go!!

If she disavowed gun grabbing I could vote for her.


So you like Putin eh? Thats intetesting because I dont nor does she

…and yet D policy looks more like Red Square than Wall Street…



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Why do you say that?