Tulsi Gabbard says she's running for president

When she debates Trump she should speak a lot about her time in the Army. And how she hasn’t evaded income taxes or accepted Russian money.

I think her positive opinions of Assad are going to sink her.

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Well this should be interesting. For years and years the CEC has claimed that attractive female Liberal politicians didn’t exist. That little fairy tale has been shattered.

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All she has to do is lie.

But Republican Media will definitely get everyone to repeat that.

She would be an acceptable Trump alternative for me, should Trump be renominated in 2020.

Unfortunately, the leftist whackanoodles that constitute the Democratic base, likely will find her unacceptably moderate.

Which illustrates an unfortunately reality.

The whackanoodle bases have an out sized influence in selecting candidates at all levels. So we get Trumps, Steve Kings, Occasio-Cortezs and that Palestinian Islamic whackjob who’s name escapes me at the moment.

If you want to restore sanity to BOTH parties. ALL voters need to get off their ass and vote in the PRIMARY, as well as the general election. The mainstream voters on both sides are consistently outvoted by the whackjob extremists so called “base” voters in both parties and the result are the candidate we have gotten.

Tulsi Gabbard has no chance at all in the primaries unless mainstream voters show up and not leave it the “base” whackjobs to vote. Same goes on the Republican side.

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Her father is a Uber Conservative who constantly ran for Governor of Hawaii. She is the Rebel Child. She said Trump was Putin’s Bitch. She also called out the Governor of Hawaii during the false alarm missile strike and assured the public they were safe.
She is not afraid of the fray. She relishes it. She embraces confrontation. She runs towards the fight. She is going to make a fantastic President.

maybe she can bring to the forefront how our current commander and chief dodged the draft…

That does not necessarily mean anything. The highlighted words also describe Trump and he is a **** up. :smile:

All I care about is that she evidently is NOT an extremist whackjob. :smile:

Except that the last five Democratic presidential nominees have been middle of the road Democrats. Clinton, Obama, Kerry, Gore, Clinton. None of them out there. Pretty sure they’ll do it again for 2020.

Two Words. Bone Spurs. Trump is a fraidy cat. You know . I know it.

I was, of course, speaking politically. Trump has shut down the government over a stupid wall.

Come to think of it, I would prefer a much LESS, pugilistic President, Republican or Democratic.

The party is moving farther left ever year, as the Republican party moves farther right.

And the eliminating of the power of the super-delegates at the nominating conventions will make it much easier for a far left nominee to win.

I think the Dems know the need a woman after Hilary’s beating.

She didnt go into this ignorant to that argument. Im sure she is prepared.

Liberals think she’s too conservative…conservatives think she’s too liberal. Sounds perfect to me!!!


The more the merrier. There’s gonna be a lot of contenders. Dems definitely need to reach deeper into the bench and away from the usual suspects (Biden, Sanders, Warren)

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She’s very easy on the eyes that’s for sure.

It will be Sanders or Biden that wins. Last CNN poll I saw Gabbard was at 1% Biden 33%.

oh boy… the “news” media is going to go nuts over her

they will love her maybe more than obama!

Let’s just no videos surface of her, you know, DANCING.