Tulsa race riots

today is the 100th anniversary of the tulsa race riots,when a mob of whites killed hundreds of blacks,destroyed over a 1000 houses and basically destroyed one of the most prosperous black communities in the country.

up until very recently the riot was mostly forgotten as the state of oklahoma basically ignored it happened.
even on the anniversary today you wont find alot of mention of it in convervative media.

its becasue of things like this that black americans feel like the country is still racist


Continually picking scabs off the tops of sores does not promote healing.


Blacks weren’t all that innocent…they arrived with guns and in a shoot out they killed 10 Whites.

Edit to add…it wasn’t hundreds of Blacks as OP claimed.

Well so much for having a right of self defense.

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Who shot first?

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Wow 100th.

I’m told that teaching kids about the events like the Tulsa Massacre is racist and bad.


Are you â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  serious?


You assumed it was healed. It was just ignored.


That’s horse feathers.

Not at all.

Yes I am.

The initial shooting 12 people were killed…10 of em where Whites.

I’m reading Wiki (I know not the best source) right now, I’ll read other information as well to make cross reference. Been wanting to read up on this for some time and since OP started this thread it might as well read up. :wink:

Isn’t there an old saying about that?

Those that forget history…something something…


Who started the riots? Did you get that part yet?


Maybe you need a refresher in what happened because your recall seems to be inaccurate.

Rumors spread that Dick Rowland, the shoeshiner, was going to be lynched for his alleged assault on the elevator operator Sarah Page (the police had already quietly investigated the matter and determined it was likely not assault…however they had Rowland in custody, mostly for his safety while they continued the investigation…most folks in Tulsa who knew Rowland…both blacks and whites, both professionals and not, did not believe he either committed or was capable of assault. But in those days, the accusation alone was enough to cause some people to take justice into their own hands).

The blacks you were referring were a group of 75…some of them armed. They went to the jail to protect Mr. Rowland…however being assured that the authorities had the matter under control, they left peacefully, and were attacked by several white people, one of whom tried to disarm one of the blacks. A shot went off, and the rest was history.

So…in what way were the blacks you referred to “not innocent”?


Who indeed.

The Tulsa race massacre took place May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of White residents, many of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked Black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma

First paragraph of your Wiki article…

Are you having your very own “Fine people on both sides” moment?


Much like the Tombstone event, there seems to be some doubt.

No, the ■■■■■ there isn’t.


Ha. Guns were supposed to be turned in upon entering Tombstone, being armed was against the law.