TUITION TOSSED? California ‘Poised’ to Give Away TWO YEARS of Free College

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California officials are considering a key proposal that would give all residents two years of tuition-free community college, with lawmakers weighing the policy after Democrats gained greater power in the state legislature.

According to SF Gate, “California community college students could reap the benefits of Democratic dominance in the state Legislature, with lawmakers pushing for the state to cover the cost of two years of tuition for students who commit to enrolling full time right out of high school.”

Left-wing activists and lawmakers across the United States -including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren- have favored the liberal proposal in recent years; arguing for free public education following high school for all residents.

“This is about strengthening the middle class,” said Los Angeles Assemblyman Miguel Santiago.

The two-year cost associated with the program is estimated at $2,208 per student.

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