Tucker carlsons top writer resigns for posting racist and sexist comments online for years

hes been posting vile stuff for years under the psuedonym CharlesXII on a board called autoadmit.

why am i not surprised.
i wouldnt be surprised if carlson knew it

WARNING: Story has story really vile stuff in it


woof. that’s a bad look for Tucker.

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Birds of a feather.


This is my shocked face.


Wait, the Tucker Carlson White Power Hour is written by a white power incel bugaboo loser?! This has to be fake news.


He should consider a Joy Reid move.

I think it’s a good thing that Tucker no longer employs this writer. It’s not a good look to have your staff writers moonlighting as racist sexists online. If you’re going to hire those type of people you need have strict social media rules for employment.

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It was hacked I am sure.

What was hacked?

His social media. Same thing happened to joy reid

It’s been hacked for five years? And he never said anything?


I would quote some of his statement but they would get me banned.

Yes someone hacked him and stalked a woman for five years, the perfect crime.

He should have just dressed in blackface and said the n word.

He’d have a late night talk show in no time.

Now he’ll have to settle for writing at the new york times.

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So now you have the usual diatribe out of the way. What do you think resigning was the right thing to do or should Tucker or Fox whoever employed him should have fired him first?

Your boy Tucker should have done an oppo research scan on himself before he started floating those 2024 trial balloons.

Funny part is, it was probably the Republicans who had their oppo guys do a very light pass just to check and his ghostwriter got nabbed immediately.

Resigned or fired for what??

What about fallon, kimmel, northam, the despicable new york times writers, joy reid, “racial jungle” biden??

Police your own.

Never heard of this guy, and don’t care about him now that I have.

I actually have no real opinion on this. I was just interested to see how Trumpians would react.


Hilarious. Too funny. Thanks.

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Yes, same as Joy Reid. Happening everywhere. Dang