Tucker Carlson: Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent

At least we are past the “didn’t do anything wrong” phase and are now to the is it impeachable… Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel just published an OpEd at the Daily Caller arguing that what Trump did is wrong but not impeachable.

Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden. Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea. Like a lot of things Trump does, it was pretty over-the-top. Our leaders’ official actions should not be about politics. Those two things need to remain separate. Once those in control of our government use it to advance their political goals, we become just another of the world’s many corrupt countries. America is better than that. That’s also why it’s good that there are finally investigations looking into the extent to which the Obama FBI may have used our government — and even foreign governments — to try to crush Trump in the last election.


Well, Tucker is in a tough spot, because he’s the literal child of an ambassador and knows how next level bananas what Trump did really is.


I legit love this article. What Trump did was really bad but it shouldn’t be impeachable because Republicans aren’t on board.


That pretty much sums up their argument… pathetic…

It has the feel of, “Whelp, we all know he did it, but why bother prosecuting? He’ll never be convicted by a white jury.”


Carlson always makes me chuckle with his man of the people schtick because he’s a scion of the old school Beltway WASP elite. The kind of family that presidents put on short lists for Treasury Secretary. I mean, come on, his name is Tucker, he wears bow ties with plaid and tweeds, has a 1980s blow dry razor haircut and without even looking I guarantee he has some kind of goofy WASP nickname like Tip that his friends and family call him.


There are some women who have a nickname for him lol.


I always imagined him as a “Chort.”


In fact bragging about that aspect. “Yeah…go ahead and impeach him for whatever…he’ll never be convicted by the (republican) Senate. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”


I laughed because that’s the same impression I have of Tucker. He’s an elitist who claim he’s against elitism.

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Stages of Trumpism

  1. It never happened (Denial)
  2. Admit to having done it but assert it was neither illegal nor wrong (Defend)
  3. Blame the other side for doing the same thing or worse (Projection)
  4. Divert to other issues (Deflection)
  5. Admit it was wrong but there’s nothing that can be done (So what?)

Repeated pattern since the 2016 election cycle.


Oh yeah, he’s legit old money WASP Ivy League material. The kind of people who still think the Kennedys are new money.

I agree that certainly Trumps actions can be the discussion of whether they were appropriate or if the same investigative result couldn’t have been had by a different process. There is lots of room for discussion there.
However, after three years of investigating the Trump campaign for collusion and coming up with “no significant evidence” of cooperation, then to make this incident the subject of an impeachment enquiry is ridiculous. As if though no one ever had investigations that might affect their political opponents before.
But then, possibly Democrats are holding this inquiry “for personal political gain”?

It’s a witch hunt. Has been since election night. We know it and so do they.

They’ve pretty much tried to take out every GOP prez since Nixon.


I’ll never be able to see him as anything else now. :joy:

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Tucker Carlson is libs hero now?


Question for you, do you agree or disagree with Tucker’s OpEd?

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson. He has that attitude of the private-school, trust-fund type that’s coasted through life on easy mode. I followed him for awhile, since the Crossfire days. Watched his show some when it was on MSNBC. Now, I can’t even bear to watch him.

Perfect description…

You can just as easily make the argument that it was ridiculous for Trump to engage in any sort of communication, with Ukraine of all places, that even resembled “inappropriateness” (as you say), regarding the exact very thing the entire collusion investigation, which he had spent years trying to discredit, was all about. That Trump would think that a conversation even resembling the one captured in the “memorandum” was appropriate, is what is ridiculous.

Will you admit that by itself made this especially inappropriate, and dumb, for the president? This phone call was a day after Mueller’s testimony, I believe. You can say Obama was brazen, but that takes some balls, man. Some serious, serious, balls.