Tucker Carlson rejects the Metric System and owns the Libs

This is absolutely incredible.

Tucker Carlson pushes back on the globalist system pushing the metric agenda.

He will accept the kilometer when he accepts the Euro… Never!

Really watch the video. It is one of the best pieces of comedy I have seen in a while and my personal opinion that it was done to stir up the libs and troll people into talking about his show.

“The yoke of tyranny…”

The Metric system?


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The extremely long pause after his guest said that the metric system was imposed by the guillotine was an incredible piece of comedic timing.

I can’t begin to wrap my head around the intense level of stupidity it takes to make the argument that the metric system = tyranny.

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It’s because they are trolling.

And to be honest… it is a pretty funny piece of comedy.

Units of measurements = tyranny

Sigh, remember when there used to be intelligent debates in this country?

Well, yeah units of measure are tyranny.

Especially metric. It has no internal logic and completely lacks consistency. It’s just a bunch of random metrics hodgepodged together with no rhyme or reason or relation to each other across volume, weight, or distance.


As the guest, James Panero, said in reference to the metric system “It is totally made up”

So there.

And it’s not at all like our monetary system…

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Just think how soft we have become that a unit of measurement different from ours is “tyranny”

Meanwhile, the Chinese have a “social credit” system that is like Nazi Germany on steroids.

My God!

Our money is in a “Ten size fits all mentality”


All systems are made up.

A mile is one thousand Roman paces.

Say it isn’t true!

That every measurement that we use is made up?


But in all seriousness… you know that in some deep hole somewhere someone are taking these idiots doing a comedy routine seriously.

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What in the actual ■■■■ did I just watch? “Kylo-gram”. :man_facepalming:

And that’s after watching only 20 seconds. Pray for me, I’m going back in.


I’m convulsing from the idiot shivers, and I’m only 1:30 in. I just can’t. This has to be a troll job.

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The metric system is a handy thing to know. Way easier to measure 500ml than 17.59752 fluid ounces (which is actually 500.0001ml).

Calculus works better with the imperial system IMO though.

It’s a fun little piece of fluff. Reminds of my time in a religious high school when they played rock music backwards so we could hear the subliminal messaging - if you were convinced you were going to hear “worship Satan” when they played Stairway to Heaven backwards, you would definitely hear it.

Tucker is just having fun with the anti-science segment of his listening demographic here.

"The metric system is a product of oppression! French revolution! Romans! The Great Disreputable Lady of Babylon! And it’s being pushed on godly patriots by a world order of scientific cultists!

Resist the Tyrants of Telemetry!
Dictators of Diodes!
Autocrats of autoclaves!

Coming up in our next segment - how vaccines rewire your brain to vote Democrat and like musicals! But first these messages!"



I think that it is also.

Funnier than the “Half Hour News Hour”

Tucker has mortgages to pay.

Coca-Cola bottles are a system of oppression?