Truth Social Media formation announced on Hannity by DJT, Jr

Wow, a place where the cancel culture will be cancelled out according to Donald, Jr.

Seems to be open to most anyone too.

Beta testing starting in two weeks.

Going live in early 2022.

Share your thoughts…


It will be as successful as Parler.

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If history is any indication, it’ll become a place for the far-right and conspiracy theorists which will be largely ignored by the overwhelming majority of the public. Gab, Rumble, MeWe, Parler, Gettr. All echo chambers for their users. If there’s a need for another, maybe it’ll be successful in that niche. Mainstream social media platforms won’t be impacted.


Right- if his goal is another Twitter or FB- fuggetaboudit. Nobody but his base will hear him.

How much do you want to bet that there will be censorship

I mean moderation on this platform?

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Just more proof that Twitter is not a monopoly.

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75 million people strong is a pretty good baseline for starters…

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Oh man.

A literal Pravda.

Good times.


It would be.

AKA “the choir” . It will be nothing like Twitter, where his foul blasts were heard by all.

The infamous “two weeks” for beta testing to start and live early in 2022. To paraphrase a line from The Castle “Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’”.

Much like “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound ?”…

…Trump continuing to be banned off Tweeter is a philosophical thought experiment gone wrong.

Has twitter collapsed in the absence of Trump? It appears not; the sun keeps rising each morning.

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Their equivalent of tweets are called “truths”. Wow, that is so dumb.


The first TRUTH Donald Trump can put out is that he LOST the 2020 election. :smiley:

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It reminds me of a now defunct Melbourne newspaper that was called the Truth: the content was the antithesis of its name.

And pigs are going to fly out of his…

Here is the story as reported by Yahoo News.
I think it interesting that he still refers to himself as “your favorite American President”. Says a lot about this guys twisted ego. At least he will have another vehicle that he can claim a annual loss and not pay any taxes.

Being in IT, we have many software team offshore(india, belarus, ukraine, russia). I wonder how much of this team is USA based.

As far as hosting, they still have to be careful about their content. Amazon and Microsoft hosting have TOS that they need to follow.

Based on your experience what would your estimate be on how much testing, period wise, would be required to get this proposal to live and relatively bug free?