Trumps wall might be blocked by a tiny church and a law the right loves

trump want to build his wall in the rio grande valley. however there my be a church in the way.

right by the rio grande stands the La Lomita chapel,first built in the mid 1800’s. In order to build the wall the land will have to be taken by eminent domain since the church wont sell.

however the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,which is teh law hobby lobby used to deny health benefits for contraception stands in the way

the law prohibits government actions that substantially burden the exercise of religion without the government establishing a compelling governmental interest and no other means of satisfying that interest

the diocese has already filed papers in court to protect the church from seizure

Bulldoze it!

so now the government is going to bulldoze a church to build this wall :laughing:

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That’s hilarious.

However, I predict Trump could bulldoze a church in the middle of nowhere and his supporters would still support him.

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A couple of weeks ago there was a news story about this church. The Priest said that a federal land survey crew had been there to map out the area. The Priest said that their proposed route for the structure would put the church property on the Mexico side of the wall.

I am sure Trump supporters will support bulldozing it. After all these are the same people that up until pretty recently were against eminent domain. Now they lecture everyone on how important eminent domain is and their Lord God Trump would never abuse that.

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Worshipping Trump is more important than a measly church.


How in the world does American property end up on the wrong side of the fence?

Christ has no place in our political agenda let alone on our border. Get rid of the church. MAGA!!!


smh…This wall is such a terrible and archaic idea. 45 think this is freakin GOT, latino’s are not the white walkers.

If they don’t want to be part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

Put them on the other side of the wall.

And if a person on 5th Ave complains about it, he’ll just shoot them and his supporters will give him a standing ovation.

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Because of geography.

The church wouldn’t be the only proprerty where this would happen.

From what I understood, the land near the border is very uneven and would take much work to put up a structure. So they picked a stretch of land on the other side of the church property which would put the church on the wrong side of the wall (or fence). I guess they do not consider the actual placement of the wall (fence) to be the actual border. I saw a similar report about the proposed wall in other parts of Texas.
Some of the property owners are pretty pissed because the proposed stretch where the government wants to put up a wall is hundreds of yards from the actual border. And so, they would have to take all of that land via Eminent Domain. So instead of getting hundreds of acres pulled from them it would be in the thousands of acres. And they are really pissed off. The Ranchers interviewed were saying that they had lawyers on board and lawsuits ready to file.

What a disgusting and anti-American statement. Trumpism destroys people, that much is clear.


Wrong answer. But thanks for playing.

Any church that denies the word made flesh his desires is not really a christian church for the relegious freedom act does not apply since it only covers real christian religions…

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its more than that. the rio grande floods on a regular basis. there is something called the International Boundary Water Commission and a water treaty we signed with mexico in 1970 bars any construction along teh river that the commission doesnt sign off on. in addition the treaty bars any construction which, in the judgment of the commission, may cause deflection or obstruction of the normal flow of the river or of its flood flows

they are planning on building the wall atop flood protection levees where are several hundred feet or more inside the US. I went down there a couple of weeks ago to take photos before any wall would be built since there is a state park right on the river with birds you wont find anywhere else in the country

Or on 5th Avenue or whatever

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Well don’t go getting all warm and fuzzy on us, wolf.

so Trump is giving Mexico more land?