Trump's Ukrainian scandal

The claim that Trump used military aid to push the Ukrainian president into digging up dirt on Biden’s son, is a serious allegation.
If it is true, I think it warrants impeachment and conviction.

If Trump is impeached by the House, the Republican Senate will not convict unless the public demands it.

I do not believe this will happen because the Democrats have cried “Wolf” too often about Trump- Mueller Report, Russian collusion, Stormy Daniel, obstruction, you name it- garbage after garbage that led nowhere.

Now that something real might have come along, no one will care. The public has been desensitized to Trump scandals.

It’s cool having a president so shady that no level of shadiness will bring him down because his base doesn’t care.



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If only they hadn’t led with “the POTUS is a russian traitor”.

For nearly 3 years.


That really is it in a nutshell.

This administration is the most corrupt probably in the history of the country and there is just enough of the public that don’t care or enjoy “lib tears” to do nothing about it.

It is bonkers.


This is insane. A US President pressured a foreign government to investigate a US citizen in order to interfere in an upcoming election, and used US military aid as leverage. Absolutely insane.

And the OP is pretty transparent. Acknowledges the likely impeachable offense, but basically says, “So what? You libs didn’t play nice so we aren’t going to do anything about it.”

As Wildrose said, so what? That’s just Trump doing foreign policy!


Most corrupt? No.
Most accused of corruption? Yes. That is the problem.
The string of false accusations have deadened the impact of something that may really be corrupt.

That’s not at all what I said.
You’re at it again.

The thing is that there are several impeachable offenses in the Mueller Report.

The Stormy Daniels thing has the President names as an unindicted co conspirator.

Any of these things would have brought down a normal administration and we would have had president Pence.

I don’t think I will ever truly understand it.


The dimocrats hold The House. Impeachment begins in The House.

Get to it.

Most corrupt… yes.

Shall we start listing names?

I will start.

Scott Pruitt

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Jeffrey Neely

Ryan Zinke.

Your turn

I know they won’t but the Senate’s best move would be to get on board with impeachment so they can have a decent candidate for 2020.

The corrupt bidens believed they could get away with anything while the media was busy fawning over their golden god, hussein the flexible kenyan ladyboy.

Why on earth would foreign countries randomly begin handing out $$Millions of Dollars $$ to a discharged drug addict, unless they thought they could curry favor with his daddy??

Is there an honest and clean biden around??

Why would that matter if Republicans want to do the right thing for the country?

Sounds like you need a fresh dossier.

Got one?

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This is a Biden scandal that Warren or Sanders attached to Trump for publicity and cover.

They are the only ones to benefit by breaking this now.