Trump's Twitter Timeline

An interesting observation regarding Trump’s usage of his favorite propoganda platform:

When confronted with information he deems fake and thinks he can talk his way out of, Trump IMMEDIATELY goes to Twitter to whine and cry and wail and lie about facts. He quickly pushes out talking points to his CEC media arm so they can feed the masses his version of events. He obfuscates the truth with the intent, in his mind, to push a false narrative and he does it quickly.

When confronted with information that poses a real threat to him, he is silent. This has been seen time and again with multiple stories that end up being true and proven. His silence this morning (as well as his army’s) is deafening.

Look at the time and content gaps when he faces damaging information that cannot be explained away. That, in my opinion, is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.





We’ll see if President Pence is a law and order guy or if he’ll pardon the criminal ex-president.

Takes a bit more time with the latter information to develop the proper spin.

Come on…these guys have gotta sleep sometime.

Give ‘em at least until after lunch…then the spin on the Cohen news will be coming fast and furious.

They know their audience isn’t going anywhere and will wait.

This one will take some time to defend. We need a wager thread on what time the official Twitter edict will be pushed out. Winner gets a bucket of extra crispy KFC and an unusually long necktie.

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I am desperate for a clip of Pence mopping sweat off his brow when this scenario becomes a reality.

trump?? That guy still around??

Not for much longer. Will you be ok?

Any day now.

bobby’s big reveal is coming.

Who’s Gabbo??

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The main thing is that you’re still around. And I sincerely appreciate it. Rightwingers and GOPers are an endangered species here.


Donald Trump isn’t afraid of what that liar Michael Cohen has to say. Nobody trusts a word that comes out of his mouth.


Thank you.

Who do you trust more: a liar who hired a crook and who habitually lies or the liar who worked for the liar who hired him to lie and steal?

Quite the lil Trumpian conundrum!

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Damn- two hours before lunch.

He’s on the ball today.

Do you believe suborning perjury is an impeachable offense?

Note the content gap. No direct denial. Just a vague attempt at witness intimidation. Usually when the story is not as threatening, he addresses it with a blanket ■■■■■■■■ denial. He hasn’t yet.

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Naw, that’s just alternate facts.

Repeating the tweet here:

Also, can we discuss this moronic thing that Trump and his supporters do, where they pretend this is entirely a He said/He said issue? The bulk of this is dependent on substantive corroborating evidence (emails, texts, etc.). If it’s there, Trump is ■■■■■■■ And given that this crew goes around giving out CVS bags and boxing gloves full of cash to rig online polls, I am betting: it’s there.

These are the same people who pretend not to know how marginal tax rates work.


Just make sure to thank them all.

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Let’s be grateful that as malevolent, mendacious, and corrupt as this pack of punchables is, all that is dwarfed by their ineptitude.

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Yeah. If they were actually saavy in a political sense, we would be ■■■■■■■

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