Trump's Twitter Storm includes Hillary, Spies, Rigged Investigation, FBI, Obama

Read those tweets from yesterday and tell me that Trump doesn’t sound like he could be a poster here.

Conflicts of Interest? Crooked Hillary? Angry Democrats? Obama? The Election? Russia Probe is Rigged?

Our president definitely tweets like partisans on the Internet.

Now, I’m a bit curious why he’s not tweeting about HEALTHCARE. THE DEBT. DIVESTING.

I would love to speculate that Trump has a secret account on this board, but reportedly he doesn’t do a lot of reading.

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Social media meltdowns are always fun to watch. But they’re especially pathetic yet entertaining when it’s the President of the United States having that meltdown.

he sounds completely unhinged.

The amount of ‘wrong’ there is just so great it would take a full day to document all the lies.

He is indeed our Fox & Friends President. The cumulative IQ of Trump and the 3 F&F hosts still wouldn’t elevate them to the level of retarded.

That’s not even the best part. The best part is that he disputes the existence of a White House official giving an actual briefing. That’s the best part. I am sure there will be a thread soon

that’s actually one of his super powers. he’s so crazy so much we can’t keep up.

i wonder, in moments of clarity, if the F&F hosts look at themselves or their spouses and say “We’re influencing the leader of the free world. We have to watch what we say.”

Melania has not been seen since May10. Maybe that’s one reason he seems more unhinged than usual- I wonder if she has left him.

Oh I highly doubt that. Have you seen them? They’re just as stupid as the President and are likely just excited by the attention. They’re not smart enough to be introspective.

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To be fair she has been in the hospital. No reason to wonder nor drag her in. If anything I hope she’s recovering well after her procedure.

Something is up.

Never forget this wonderful loving tweet he shared:

“Great to have our incredible First Lady back home in the White House,” Trump wrote. “Melanie is feeling and doing really well. Thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes!”

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A White House official gave an off-the-record briefing, which got leaked. The Times then spun the briefing into something the official did not say. The President then accused the Times of using a non-existent source. The actual official said the June 12 meeting would be hard to do, which the Times then changed to “impossible to do.” Therefore “impossible” would have come from a non-existent anonymous source. These squabbles are so easy to figure out. So what is the big deal? That, too, is easy to figure out. The Times likes to portray the White House in disarray. Moving on…

Yeah, like none of the rest of us have ever been “corrected” by auto correct.

Sound like a poster here? He’s the one that drives their narratives.

Can you link to where you are getting this? As far as I can see, there was no leak, merely off an the record comment. Off the record comments are not leaks. And it was to a room full of dozens of reporters - not just the Times - none of whom contradict the Times report.

It seems to me one of Trump’s own senior staff used the word “impossible” to journalists, then lied to Trump when he got mad at them for it, and claimed they said “hard to do”.

While he didn’t use the word impossible, if you listen to the recording it’s pretty clear that the spokesman didn’t think it was possible to still have the meeting on June 12. The point is that we have a president who is again deliberately lying to the people that he serves.

what recording? I think it was an unrecorded off the record comment.

It got leaked by a journalist who wasn’t there, but obtained the recording. There is a link to it here -