Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, report shows


Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.


Agreed, since we know of so many before Mueller releases his report.


He’s been playing the media on a daily basis. I wouldn’t necessarily say he made this up specifically for that, but he definitely took advantage of the situation.


Distraction? The shutdown is all over the news.

You’re wrong as usual.


Yes …that’s the point…this shutdown distraction from…?


And you’re having problems following along.


Who needs to read when the voice on radio tells you what to think?


Maybe he will pledge to have “more flexibility” during his 2nd term.


lol lol lol, I thought it was just the far right with all the conspiracy theorists.


Well, I am a lot further to the right than Trump, so there is that…


You’ll have a lot of the alt left on board


The irony in this is wonderful.


100 nothingburgers to go, please!


They meant Trump created the Shutdown to distract from the Russia probe. Maybe next time don’t be rude when replying.


Who is enamored with Russia? Is it when the Russian PM whispered “sweet nothings” in Obama’s ear before the 2012 election or when the Obama Administration gave Russia control of 20% of our nuclear grade uranium?

Dems have schmoozed with the Ruskies for years and really ratcheted up the BFF status during Obama’s Administration but suddenly after the 2016 election the Russians are a threat! :roll_eyes:

I’ll quote President Obama in his debate with Romney “the 80’s want their foreign policy back”!


both of those did not happen.

Russia never ever got control of the uranium. a russian company got a mining contract but under the watchfull eyes of regulators and inspectors the ore never left the US. this has been explained over and over and over again. the uranium was never exported under Russian control


Both things did happen but there was no Russian interference with the “outcome” of the election!!


the US never lost control of the uranium. the russian company did and does not have a export license to export uranium. some went to Canada but Canada is not Russia and it was done legally

so no…it did not happen.

lets find out what muller says shall we? hes got a pretty good track record of indictment, convictions so far.


Ya gotta admit its funny tough


The Outcome was a result of.