Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, report shows

That’s just what we know about so far.

Mueller he’s been so tight lipped I’m sure we’ll know the full extent of the Trump/Russia cooperation when he reports.

And what I really wanna know is how much debt our president is in to other countries or organized crime in other countries.

That is so many. It really is Stupid Watergate.

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They were lonely.

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I still am baffled why Americans would be so enamored with an adversary that was called “The Enemy” for decades.

It’s totally normal guys! I mean, like Hillary probably had a million meetings with Russian spies and therefore she’s the real colluder!

The real question is why they lied about all those contacts?


Exactly, We wouldn’t have known anything about the internal polling data being given to the two pro Russian Ukrainians if not for Paulie’s lawyers screwing up.

There is a huge amount of information only Mueller knows.

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Boy, this is actually turning out way worse than I thought it would.

I’m honestly wondering if the whole shutdown fiasco is just Trump’s shiny new distraction to detract attention away from the investigation.

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For the Russians it was only their hobby to keep tabs on the us elections. There was no crime.

Even if not the primary reason, it certainly could be why it’s continuing on still.

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Team Trump is being run out of Moscow. 100 contacts of Trump intermediaries meeting with Russia-linked individuals. Like team Trump trying to play a poor mans game of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Is he Russian? Lol.

Is that really so unusual? I mean how many contacts did the McCain and Obama team have? How about Romney and Obama?

I bet we end up finding out that 100 is a low number. #NOCOLLUSION #FAKENEWS

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i think we’re gonna have to ask Mueller to get the answers to some of these questions.

Guys, how many times do you have to be told … there was no collusion! Even with 100 contacts! (Sounds ludicrious, doesn’t it?_

Trump did not collude with these 100 people. He was too busy working on projects with them… …


Until the radio and TV personalities allow them to admit Trump is a crook and in bed with the russians, they simply won’t do it. Everyone knows this is true. But they don’t want to be kicked out of the club.

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“contact”… what… eye contact? Fake news.

When it comes to playing footsie with Russians, Team Trump is like the kid a mother walks in on with chocolate smeared all over his face, and they start jumping up and down and shrieking “BILLY ATE A COOKIE! LOOK HE’S GOT CRUMBS ON HIM HE’S THE COOKIE EATER!!!”

And then they think they’re clever as hell for distracting Mom.

Donald Trump: “I did not have collusion with those Russians.”