Trumps tariff lies. the latest edition

trump gave an interview with cnbc where he gloated about how effective his tarrifs were
he claimed at the end of teh interview that because of his tariffs chinas economy has lost 15-20T of value since hes been elected.

except that chinas entire economy is only 13T and has actually gained over 6% a year since his election

just another whopper of a lie for his sheeple to soak up

He also announced a new signed deal with Mexico, for which Mexico’s response was, “what deal?” We haven’t signed anything”

Trump is a pathological liar. Fake news in real life.

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We are living in strange times when it doesn’t matter what the president says because most of it is lies.

Yes…“we” are. Either the MSM has never lied so much before or I wasn’t aware of it? Now I am. Also, Trump does not represent the moral fiber of what I’d always hope our Presidents to be. Neither did others but that doesn’t excuse some of the inexcusable remarks Trump has made while President.

Smyrna should members of the media call Trump out for some of the enormous lies he has told? And more specifically should Fox News commentariat all out Trump for same?

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It would be very unfair for the media to show Trump’s lies.

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There should be an equal amount of attention paid to both his lies and his accomplishments. That isn’t being done. All you hear about Trump is NEGATIVE.

what accomplishments???

I am not sure it is sustainable to say that all you hear about Trump is negative. When was the last time one of Trump’s whopper were called out on Fox and Friends or one of the other prominent Fox News’s programmes?

I would also argue that it is not a matter of equal time for his lies and his accomplishments; it should be a matter of calling it as it is. Just one example: who on Fox News has called him out on his claims that Mexico will pay for the wall?

The media covers all thing trump, negative and positive. It’s just that most of what he does/says is negative. You should take issue with him. Not the media. He’ll stop lying if his base holds him accountable for the lies.

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Now…leave Fox out of this and tell me the same about all of the rest for you to choose from.

If you don’t want to hear the constant coverage of Trump’s lies, Trump should simply stop lying. He can’t, though. And his base doesn’t care.


Why leave Fox out?

Fox is one source. Another one that gives positive news about Trump is OANN but there are many, many, many other sources to choose from to make your point of positive news about Trump. Can you find just one?

Of all the US media outlets Fox News is the one I have watched the most. So it is the one I can most competently speak to.

Of course, I do watch Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show and Adam Hills on The Last Leg.

Hownis repeating trumps lies and acting as if they are true a good thing?

What if…what if he lies a lot and has accomplishments only once in awhile. What if even for his accomplishments he still lies about them.

Okay but Donald only lies about things I don’t care about, besides - Clinton and Obama.

Is lying really that big a deal?

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Funny… I dont get my facts from politicians… Trump included.

Apparently some here do and then are hurt (weelly weelly hooowt) when they discover that politicians are not the definitive source of facts. Hilarious. :rofl:

Maybe we should modify the constitution to say that no one who has ever made a false statement can be president.