Trumps swamp is like past swamps but swamper

Some highlights from the man…the myth…the liar…

One heading in the document about Kris Kobach, in the running for Homeland Security Secretary, listed “white supremacy” as a vulnerability. It cited accusations from past political opponents that he had ties to white supremacist groups.

Classic racism connection. Explains all those stories about voters and illegals…

Seema Verma, who Trump appointed as the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, had this paragraph near the top of her vetting form: “Verma was simultaneously advising Indiana ($3.5 million in contracts) on issues impacting how it would spend Medicaid funds while she was also being paid by a client that received Medicaid funds. Ethics experts have called the arrangement a conflict of interest that potentially put Indiana taxpayers at risk.”

It would be like if I advised a lottery winner to invest money in my bank account.

Nikki Haley** , who became Trump’s U.N. ambassador, had a note that she’d said Trump is everything “we teach our kids not to do in kindergarten.”

My children act better than the president and instead of protesting him on principle she went and worked for him…

I dont mind watching people get suckered but this is just hilarious.


There is nothing and I mean nothing surprising in there.

Supreme Court justices or something. I think that’s how defending Trump goes…


My favorite one.

One red flag for Gen. David Petraeus , who was under consideration for Secretary of State and National Security Adviser: “Petraeus Is Opposed to Torture.”


Hey at least Kobach’s ties to white supremacy groups took him out the running for Homeland Security Secretary. But of course that’s not enough to take disqualify him from being in charge of finding voter fraud. It’s not like it’s a racially charged issue or anything


“Drain the Swamp” was a great slogan for his cult. Trump just had no intention of ever doing it.

That Axios link ought to be shared everywhere and anywhere.

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Yes it should