Trumps Russia Apology Tour - MAGA!

Surely conservatives dont likr this type of apology tour rhetoric? What does America have to be sorry about? We are the greatest country on Earth. Why is Trump proceeding on an apology tour after 12 Russian Intelligence officers were indicted for hacking US political information systems?

he can say anything. Trump Republicans are getting what they really want.


I remember when insulting our country while a sitting president was in a foreign country sent a lot of people on this forum right over the â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  edge.

I’m waiting for the same responses…

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Nope…true conservatives never, ever “likr”.

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God, the Russians are loving this :laughing:.


It is no wonder,one of the most powerful men on the planet is sticking up for their rogue dictatorship whilst throwing his traditional allies under the bus.


Personally, I think our relations were a tad worse during the Cold War, but that’s just me. However, it would seem Republican presidents have now done a 180.

Reagan: Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!!

Trump: Mr. Putin, sorry American stupidity and foolishness is bothering you…

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This republican finds that remark deplorable and completely unacceptable.


Now that we’ve accepted blame, the only question is how can we atone and appease aggrieved and innocent Russia for our foolishness and stupidity.


Enough to vote against him?

So he said it was because of the “rigged witch hunt”. Does that mean he doesnt believe the indictment of 12 Russians is legit?

Maybe he can preemptively pardon the Russian intelligence officials at or after the press conference? I’d say “dangle pardons,” but in Putin’s Russia, pardon dangle you.


I am much more interested in the UK poisonings, Crimea aggression, and mostly resolving Syrian bloodletting…than I am interested in Russia hacking and facebook ads.

Let’s see where this meeting takes us.

There was that time they shot down a passenger jet full of people too, mind.

You should be worried about the hacking though. The current DNI sounded the alarm, they’re at it again.

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I think the second, and probably months before, the election a ton of world leaders ordered breakdowns on how to manipulate Trump and Hillary (which is probably SOP).

The really good ones are playing Trump the way he can be played. If the rest aren’t paying attention they’re idiots (or just not willing to play his games).

I can’t help but imagine Fat Donald had the Pentagon realign our nukes for targets in Canada, Mexico, the UK, and now in the EU.

We have an insane man-child wanna be dictator at the helm behind the Resolute Desk.

Never in my life did I expect to see this from an American President.


Putin certainly knew what he was doing when he meddled in our election, but even he has to be taken aback at how well the last two years have played out for Russia. The western alliances have been weakened and the sitting POTUS is openly tweeting that his own country has been foolish and stupid. Exactly what sort of leverage does Putin have on Donald?

:ru: MRGA :ru:

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Depends who the other candidate is.

I never would have believed this type of behavior was coming from an American president if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.


And hear it with my own ears.

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