Trump's poll rises

So last week trump went after the 4 in a series of stupid tweets.
I had said in a hyperbole way his support would be 90%. Realistically I said It would be about 60% and maybe 70%.
It went up to 72% within the gop according to the poll.

Which tend to be within his usual trends with these issues. So watch for more tweets of this style from now on. Unless his polling drops to about 50ish % he wont be stopping is attacks.

As much as i am not a fan of cnn acting like the voice of opposition with their euphemistically named “analysis” articles, someone there wrote an article as how the tweets reflect that’s Trump may understand America better than his critics. Fun food for thought.

He understands a portion of America better than his critics.

And if the Dems do keep mistaking dislike of Trump for liking of more left-leaning policies, he will win.

PS Trump supporters are right about one thing. Much of CNN nowadays is crap…they by and large dropped objective news coverage to be the voice of opposition to Trump. A couple of good reporters there still but I take most of what they report with a grain of salt.


Who frayed it?

CNN has taken to calling opinion “analysis”. Clever little propaganda move.

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All of us but Trump and his CEC presidency, egged on by many of his followers, are taking it to a new level.

Like I said, I liken it to a renter pissed at his rising rent taking it out on his landlord by wrecking the house.

Only eventually he’s homeless…and the landlord has insurance.

The enemy are those who have not protected our borders. The enemy are those that take and choose not to give their very best efforts. The enemy are those that bring children into this world and then do not give them the love and guidance required to face adulthood…and the problem exacerbates with in the next generation. The enemy are those who do not cherish but instead take for granted the freedoms they currently enjoy, that were paid for by previous generations…and sometimes with their very lives. This growing attitude and the politicians that manipulate this attitude are…the enemies of our nation and yes, I revel in anybody exposing them and calling it out for what it is.

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Trump is all of this and more.

He’s the landlord in my analogy…not the renter.

In fact he’s helping you burn the house down because for him it’s more valuable to collect the insurance than have loser renters that whine about how tough they have it.


I would think trump is more like the dude who rents a car to just beat the â– â– â– â–  out of it and we are the car rental company. We have to cover the damages in the end because he took out the insurance option on the car.

That’s a bad analogy because the rental companies make out like bandits if you choose the insurance option. But I get the point.

I just like mine better! :sunglasses:

Mine is better because I’m smarter

RW, Jade Helm, Birtherism, Pizzagate, seth Rich yada yadA YADA.


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I say the left frayed it. Trump is the reaction.





Free â– â– â– â– â– 




Obamacare. you mean the program the instituted health insurance for millions of uninsured children and adults who were previous without Health insurance.

what convoluted reason do you equate Obamacare with Birtherism as far as fraying the country.

This I gotta hear.



Why after reuniting Nancy with the Gaggle of 4 who also called her racist would Trump let up? He’s got em right where he wants them, aligned with the far left socialist (among other things) wing of the party.

I’m surprised it’s that low. For a party that’s stacked with bigots and racists you’d think they’d be all over this guy.


Because he cant win with just his base.
USA today has a story with a link to a poll as well.

68% of Americans say its offensive…not racist just offensive. That’s not a good thing to have.

Obamacare was just “wonderful” for my nephew and his family. He lost his previous insurance 250 a month, because of it and would up paying 1300 a month with a 6000 dollar deductable. :roll_eyes: