Trumps Personal Driver Sues For Unpaid Overtime

Just throw that onto the pile.

He should be happy he got paid anything at all, others weren’t so fortunate.

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The forgotten man…

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Cintron says he was required to be on duty for Trump starting at 7 a.m. each day until whenever Trump, his family or business associates no longer required his services. He worked as long as 55 hours per week, but was paid a fixed salary of $62,700 in 2003, $68,000 in 2006, and $75,000 in 2010, according to the complaint.

If that was the agreement and he agreed to it, what is the problem? Did he not get paid? Why would a person wait all this time? Do you think maybe he was put up to it? Do you think he’s receiving any money to create this lawsuit?

Some trump hating lib is going around paying anyone who Trump had business dealings with to say something bad.


I can’t see those falling within the statute of limitations at all. 2010 is 7 to 8 years out.

Those are years that he got a raise, that last only happening when he agreed to drop health insurance. Not the years for which non-payment of overtime is being made.

From the article: “Noel Cintron, who is listed in public records as a registered Republican, sued the Trump Organization for about 3,300 hours of overtime that he says he worked in the past six years. He’s not allowed to sue for overtime prior to that due to the statute of limitations.”

(Note New York and Federal overtime filing limits may be different.)