Trumps letter to Nancy and house of representatives

For starters…“He wasn’t given due process”…He had every opportunity to send his people up and testify to clear him.

There are proven lies in this letter, so they aren’t equivalent in this manner.


No right to present evidence
No counsel allowed to be present
Transcribed call

These things are objectively untrue.

Well for starters he’s still saying a transcript of the Ukraine call was released which is absolutely factually incorrect. That’s a lie on page one.


An entire paragraph where he doesn’t ponder if it’s treason though, that’s something.

Do separation of powers mean anything to you?

And don’t play that oversight BS. That’s not oversight when congress is attempting to do. They’re trampling on powers of executive branch.

So the president must shut the ■■■■ up and take what coming to him?

Is that what you’re saying?

There is “some” believe that democrats are doing is abuse of power.

Are you denying that?


Trump should say that in his letter then, instead of lying and saying that he isn’t allowed to present evidence. He’s been allowed, been asked for, and resisted subpoenas for evidence.


You guys have not made a case of any crimes committed…or abuse of power.

There are “some” people that will believe almost anything.

30 years from now people will be reading that letter and shaking their heads…

He really has the edited word ■■■■■■■■■■■■ in there.

That’s not a justification for lying in this letter.

No matter what Trump says…it will not be enough for TDS victims.

Does the executive branch owe the legislation branch?

No…the problem with the left is that Trump won’t heel like repugs do.

And that’s libs problem…not ours.


She really did say it.

Yes I noticed.

30 minutes from now people will be reading that letter and shaking their heads…


So what? If I hear someone call someone else a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I maybe don’t leave it in my official response about my impeachment to be kept in the archives.

Im pretty sure he didn’t ask your permission.

What lies? Just because you say it over and over again doesn’t make it true.

The truth lays in the beholder.

Does the lies coming from the left bother you? After all thy been lying to you for three years.