Trumps letter to Nancy and house of representatives

I thought it was well written letter where Trump laid out his case, explain himself and said how he felt about the events that unfolded.

I don’t think history will look kindly on what the house did…or the behavior of those that pushed this travesty upon American people.


I think it sounds unhinged

I think it sounds hinged.
I think the impeachment is unhinged.
So now we know what we each think.


I love how he says that when she says she’ll pray for him she must mean that in a negative sense.

It’s great and most powerful!

Well written?! :joy::rofl::joy:

He has lost his mind… what is the point?

Did he put check boxes at the bottom

Yes for impeachment
No for love


It’s probably the best letter ever written by man and democrats can’t give him any credit.

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You think that was a well written letter by the President of the United States? It’s a whiny child’s letter that would be more appropriate split up as a tweet. Full of false claims, lies, hyperbole, pettiness and very weak grasp of history. History is going to look very unkindly on this time period, but not because the House impeached the president.


Of course she’ll double down, but will congressmen on the fence follow suit? Regardless, if it hits the senate, the blowback on the dems will be entertaining.

Curious…since you seem to be the moderator on duty…Why was my thread on same subject sent to the hoosgow?


I think it sounds kind of beggy. Pathetic.

History will look poorly on the dems, and Nancy knew it. She tried to warn Schiff, but the rabid gaggle of hens rallied the troops, and now she’s left with her best poker face. It is not pretty.



Democrats have been asking for documents, evidence, and counsel participation since day one.

If only she was as handsome as trump.

TDS of that op exceeded the limitations of politics.

When it hits the senate, he can bring as evidence to show that he’s not guilty and have people testify from his administration.

Unless subpoenas from Congress now are just advisory, then I guess nobody has to show up.

I guess they aren’t letting him straight dictate letters anymore since the Erdogan one leaked lol. Disappointing.


It is simply a counter impeachment position. Anything in it is as proven/unproven as the allegations of the impeachment.
Congress is sending up a document that is supposed to prove impeachment, not inviting the Senate to go investigate and look for impeachable acts.
So take your choice…the letter or the impeachment articles.
And no, when it comes to Biden you can’t just say “debunked” and it all goes away.


Did anyone see anything new in this letter or is it just a collection of Trump defense talking points? I am sure Trump’s supporters will like it because it was written to restate the familiar case.

What were the lies/false claims?


Is impeachment illegal or the president just stupid?