Trump's lawyers preparing answers to Mueller's questions

Here’s what our mob like boss it gonna do. He’ll tell his lawyers to answer Mueller’s (the American people’s) questions in a manner that is massively generic and politically corrrect. Then Mueller will come back with more questions.

Anyone wanna bet?

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This is like having the answers to a test…

Did they sharpen their crayons?

From the article:

“For months, Mueller told Trump’s lawyers that he needed to hear from the President to determine his intent on key events in the obstruction inquiry. During one tense session in March, Mueller raised the possibility of getting a subpoena to compel the President’s testimony.”

It sounds like Mueller is saying he can’t determine that there is obstruction unless Trump tells him the intent was to obstruct the investigation. Yeah, sure his lawyers aren’t going to let him say in so many words that he intended to obstruct the investigation.

This president would never sit down and answer verbal questions from the American people. He’s above all that.

Oh yes he would…his ego would make him

I see Trump lawyer Michael Cohen turned democrat.

I guess he’s now a libs new hero and all is forgiven.

Followed by “They asked their questions and we answered, WITCH HUNT DERANGED DEMS!”

Exact strategy they used to get the Drunken Frat Boy onto the Supreme Court.