Trump's "LAW AND ORDER!" strategy is not working

The president is hoping that he can scare enough people into thinking that they - unless he gets re-elected so that he can unleash federal law enforcement officers on the protestors - are going to be overrun by the protestors.

A new poll out today by Marist (A+ rating on 538) shows that the American people are not buying it. By far they think Joe biden will do a better job at race relations, think the protests legitimate, support BLM, and think Trump’s response to the protests has worsened race relations. With the bad economic situation and his poor handling of COVID-19 (this same poll shows the President is doing horribly in the eyes of the American people), Trump is going to have to find a new tack.






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Interesting read.

But what about his “RAMP AND WATER!” strategy ?



We’re living in much different times than 50 years ago. “Suburban housewives” isn’t even really a thing any more.

You would think the orange idiot woukd say “suburban women” instead, but he gad to go all 1950’s on ‘ya all.

Sure they are, they’re called Karens now.

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Maybe he thinks that June Cleaver is a real person. Or he has been watching too many re-runs of The Stepford Wives.

Shouldn’t we know which direction those metrics are moving before we declare his strategy unsound? Because as of June 12, BLM enjoyed 67% support and now you post it is down ten points at 57%.

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Well damn, another Narrative shot to hell.

Looking at those numbers, my conclusion is:

Propaganda works

June Cleaver is a real person. She’s everywhere.

I’m legitimately surprised by how wide the margins are. Except on the Portland question the spread is at least fifteen points against.

Like anyone except the upper middle class can afford to live in a nice neighborhood on a one salary household anymore.

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Too bad. And the result is…? Going down the drain is a mindset.

Different poll with different wording so results are not comparable. I couldn’t find a more recent Pew poll to see if the results have changed so unable to draw any conclusions.

This entire statement is complete bs.

The facts are that crime rates actually are on the rise in cities and states run by liberal democrats. Since those people seem incapable of doing the job of protecting the people who live in those cities somebody needs to step up. The first job of government is to protect the freedom, lives, livelihoods, and property of the citizens.

The opening paragraphs of your post completely ignores the obvious violence and rising crime rates and then somehow accuses the President of trying to scare people?


“Suburban Housewives”.

Not appreciated.

Violence and murder is a problem in America, well before BLM. The solution is not the president sending in federal law enforcement officers dressed and armed like soldiers.

The fact is that they are not. There was a spike in 2015/2016 but that has since reversed back to the historical trend

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Had the administration not taken action that federal building in Portland might well be a pile of ashes now. The action of sending in federal officers was both legal and appropriate…especially in the face of the incompetence and inaction of the socialists who run the city of Portland and the state of Oregon.

I appreciate knowing that on the face of stupid ineffective liberal idiocy there’s at least an adult in DC willing to step in