Trumps in Kenosha, Wis

I did…

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In that case, I’m sure whichever lib that was addressed to will answer shortly

I know that sounds good to Trumpians…But do you care to explain how they’re responsible?

In before “SOROS!!!”


I would be against that. However, if actual financing to organizations is found to keep this destruction going, then those who were involved could certainly be fined and sued in huge amounts. There is precedence with the way the KKK was handled.

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In before “whomever is found to be involved in keeping this violence going, if such a nexus is found”.

By allowing them to organize, communicate on their media.

So weak Donald is wobbling around Kenosha and spreading more misinformation and hallucinations?



Are those companies advocating for or promoting them?

By this logic, we should be allowed to sue gunmakers for the deaths caused by guns they made.

You up for that?


Libs have…

I’m asking you whether you are now for it, since you seem to be applying the same logic.

I hear that BLM and Antifa are using Parler to organize their meetups.

I hope the DOJ will shut down that cesspool of incivility.

I bet you do too, amirite?

I’m just using libs logic…or only they can use it?

And I’m asking you if you are for suing gunmakers since you seem in favor of punishing “enablers”?

So are you for it or against it? Yes or no?

Libs sure are defending those mega multiple billion dollar corporations.

Either way those libs in Kenosha Wis were protesting against federal help in rebuilding the destruction they created.

I wonder why.

Gave up so soon???

Mindless. Liberal. ■■■■■■■■

At least you admit to being a lib. Or at least supporting lib practices.

No one was forced to use any of those internet services… but lets tax 'em, right?