Trump's handlers quickly spin the judgement in Lucia v SEC to his advantage in regards to Immigration Judges

The above link is to my thread on this Supreme Court case.

Today’s announcement from the White House.

I don’t know which of Trump’s handlers jumped so quickly on this. Probably somebody in the inner White House Counsel’s Office.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision, Trump has formally created, by Executive Order, a new class of “Excepted Service” who are not subject to civil service hiring procedures and have no civil service protections.

The first positions subject to this new categorization will be the Immigration Judges of the Department of Justice as well as the Judges of the Immigration Board of Review. Essentially, the head of the Immigration Service will directly hire these judges with no intervening steps. Once hired, they will serve at the pleasure of the head of the Immigration Service and will have the status of Inferior Officers of the United States.

Brilliantly played, without a doubt. Clearly they will use this to hire individuals that can be counted on to quickly deny, to as great an extent as possible, applications for asylum and will grant deportation orders rapidly.

Trump’s (and/or his handler’s) motivations aside, this order is clearly within the scope of Justice Kagan’s decision. Constitutionally and legally it is ironclad.