Trump's greatest achievement is that . .

Lower tax rates = less money going to the budget

What’s so hard to understand?

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Can Trump use the provisions of Chapter 11 for the USA’s debt?

This isn’t a my President is better than your President kind of thingy. Obama did a good job of making chicken salad out of chicken feces but “we” were still losing to China…big time…and it IS paramount that this be reversed…period.

Think of it this way. How much heat do you get from a campfire and what happens when you throw more wood on it? Is that too hard to understand?

Probably! We won’t know for sure until he tries it.

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In Australia during the GFC the Labor Government initiated a stimulus programme that meant our economy continued to grow and we did not have a recession during the GFC.

Yes, money is just like firewood. How come deficits always increase with tax cuts? Every time.

I don’t know that this will work but I’m a long way from being convinced that it was wrong. The timing of these cuts was conducive to extending out this recovery and possibly taking us to a new level. One thing did happen positive is that the fed was able to increase their rates. This was absolutely necessary. Now if Trump can repair our relationship with China to stop being a one-way street of both trade and the stealing of trade secrets…he’ll have really accomplished some greatness in only 4 years?

There is no evidence for this. So, to keep it going, we need more tax cuts?

Before I’d cut taxes again, I must witness the positive affects of the first round. I think we are but I’m not sure yet. I’ll let you know when I do. In the mean time, Trump is taking on the next necessary battle of the unfair trade practices of so may countries of the world.

How are you going to measure this?

Over 22 trillion in debt speaks to it not working unless you consider increasing debt levels as success.

Except we’re throwing money on the campfire :fire:


…by the sum total of all revenue generated.

That’s a convenient and incomplete analysis.

He lied enough to get elected.

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I’m just pointing out that tax growth has slowed under Trump since the tax cuts. Why did you post the link you did?

…because it showed that revenues are increasing but not at the same rate yet as the cuts. The question becomes…will it become a positive due to the overall increased growth?

Hasnt so far. And we dont historically stay under 4% unemployment for more than a couple years before recession

We already know the answer.