Trump's greatest achievement is that . .

he has DOUBLED THE FEDERAL DEFICIT, at a time when the economy was otherwise performing well.

The site gives the current deficit as 956 billion.

The deficit increase in 08 - 09 was due to the economic collapse, when Republicans and Democrats agreed to do an “economic stimulus” to save the economy.

In Obama’s term the deficit was brought down gradually each year, down to about 450 billion in his last year.

So Trump’s deficit increase, to twice as high, is his most noteworthy contribution to the economy, reversing the earlier downward trend. The current declining unemployment rate was already happening during the Obama years, with no significant change from 2016 to 2017 other than to continue the downward trend already in progress.

Any moment now the Tea Party rallies will commence.

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Good luck with facts when the Trumpbots come around.

Was reading an economic article yesterday that postulated his signature legislation, the tax cut for the wealthy, is expected to add as much as $2 Trillion to the deficit over the next decade. But of course by that time he will be long gone.

So much winning from this presidency. We literally cannot afford all this winning

Nope, he’s a white guy. That’ll never happen.

Tea party supporters love the cruelty.

I’m sure Fox will be highlighting this incredible achievement by Trump.

I think my math skills must be going down. I distinctly remember Trump saying he was going to eliminate the national debt in 8 years. Now, I’m usually pretty good at math - but no matter how I run the numbers, I can’t figure out a way he’s going to accomplish that running the deficits he’s running now.

Maybe I’m using an incorrect function or formula somewhere - anyone got any ideas?

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You probably have never run an business like Donald Trump has. Right now he’s running massive deficits on purpose. You have to spend money if you want to make money. The first step towards making money is spending a bunch of other people’s money. The next step is to renegotiate with our lenders to get a better deal. They know that they have to renegotiate otherwise they’re going to get nothing from us. If they won’t negotiate we can always declare bankruptcy and move forward from there. This is why Donald Trump is best suited to lead the United States of America. Hillary Clinton would have never thought of a great scheme like this.


Donald Trump is the king of having the federal government protect him via bankruptcy laws.

Yes!! I said this the other day. Donald sounds monwy to make money. He knows as a famous businessmen that no business can survive without spending $$$ from investors. We are investors in america and should be happy to see that Donald is doing for us what he did for his businesses which is make them rich and profitable even when the economy is bad like it was when obummer was precedent.

The current deficit is the next Democratic president’s fault.


The Tea Party patriots will be hitting the streets in nationwide protest any day now…

I was actually thinking about trying to find one of these Tea Party protests to attend today. For some odd reason, I can’t find one. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spots?

There are a few events currently planned. The reason you might not have been able to find any events in your area is probably because it’s still early in the campaign season. I’m sure there will be more/bigger events soon. If you want you can create an event. I’m sure there are lots of people, like you, who want to do some Tea Party rallying.

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The US was on a bad course. We were losing living wage paying jobs to other countries and developing negative trade imbalances that were getting worse every year. Trump’s tax cuts will need some time to show the positive effect, if…it works? As time goes on, there should be signs that it’s working. Here’s an article that says it is but…the increased revenues haven’t yet caught up with the cuts…yet. It would be absolute foolishness to continue on doing the same thing, while observing our economic base transferred to other countries, making a few, more profitable but our nation overall going backwards. What Trump did with taxes and his taking on China is monumental. He will be looked back on very favorably for these moves, even if some today can’t see this?

Their still active! TeParty will always fight against waste fraud and abuse by big gov like the Dems like. They hold the purse strings, so this is there deficit. Trump is spending $$$ to make $$! You heard it hear 1st!!

The stimulus package isnt what blew up the deficit. It was lack of tax revenue. Stimulus was marked at $800bil over 10 years. If you look at YOY spending charts, you can see the primary driver of the 2009 deficits was a big cut in revenue, not an increase in spending.

We hit record tax revenues under Obama as well. It’s not something to brag about. If you added $1 to the previous year you would again be “breaking the record”. Unfortunately for trump and the GOP, tax revenue growth has actually SLOWED.

Maybe start with adding an s so you get maths. I watched a lot of Fox News during the Obama presidency. The debt clock had a prominent position in many of the Fox News’s programmes.

Does it play the prominent role in the Trump presidency where the debt has ticked over to 22 trillion dollars?