Trumps former HHS secretary:Americans will pay more because GOP weakened Obamacare

once again the GOP has screwed over the american people.

they were warned. but they didnt care. all the GOP cares about is their corporate masters

lets see. so far the GOP has screwed over americans on health care.
run up huge deficits to give the wealthy and corporation tax breaks
done what it can to screw up the environment.

all in 16 months

the GOP should be tossed out of office on their collectives cans

Fake News!!!

Of course if person A no longer has to pay for the coverage of person B, the costs to B will go up and the costs to A will go down.
For example, if I no longer have to pay for Prices chartered flights, his costs go up an mine go down.

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One person no longer has any insurance coverage and are at risk of financial catastrophe in the case of illness and the other person has to pay dramatically more for medical care that they actually need.

Sounds like a lose/lose to me.

At least we can admit now that the goal was never to reduce the costs of premiums, or if it was the goal, they’re failing spectacularly.

This one is hard to explain to the voters so the GOP get away with it. They won the message war the moment “Obamacare” became the popular name of the ACA.

Yep. But Democrats should have included the public option within the ACA when they passed it with the mandate.

America deserves this…its what you get when you vote gop…lies…

Now Anericans are gonna pay more.

Ergo one of the following

  • BEFORE, non mAmericans were gonna pay for healthcareAmericans get, or
  • BEFORE, magic fairy money was gonna pay for healthcare Americans get.
  • BEFORE Americans were to be denied Healthcare, now they are gonna get it.

Cost-shifting is cost-shifting. Stuff is not ‘free’ one way but ‘at a cost’ the other.

Shocker. Again.

Well it stands to reason don’t you think?
If Americans are paying more this way then, under the old way either somebody else (Kenyans???) was going to pay for it, or nobody was going to pay for it. Right?