Trump's family empire/entities hit with 30 subpoenas. Multiple federal agencies involved

Records have been subpoenaed from Trump businesses and the IRS. This has to be Trump’s worst nightmare.

Or, possibly another Liberal Democrat lie?

Everything is a lie. That makes news easier to stomach.

Ok, I’m really hoping someone grabbed Trump’s phone, locked it in a safe, and then locked that safe into another safe so as to ensure that Trump will not be rage tweeting during Bush’s funeral today.

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Nope not possible.

It’s all a lie when it comes to anything bad happening to Trump. Right? He has done nothing wrong, everyone that worked with him is innocent.

Witch hunts galore! Fox News sniffed out how much of a lie the Flynn document was last night that they focused on the evil caravan.

Uh oh.


Subpoenas are public record dude.

Why would they need anything from the IRS. I’ve been told if theres something there the IRS would have found it. MAGA

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