Trump's economy... Thanks but no thanks!


I hope America’s CEOs are going to be okay though…

People will take all the warm fuzzy things they read and run with it, while at the same time dismiss the thing they don’t like.

I got a 5% raise last October which had nothing to do with Trump or otherwise, it was based on my performance. In the meantime the local electric utility company which is quite large raised their rates 2.6% and that was just the electric. Heating vendor did the same, same for water, and on and on. For the electric company it wasn’t a matter if increased demand. They wanted all of us to pay for their infrastructure improvements so that they could keep their dividend rate high. No, let’s not make the shareholders get less, lets make the consumers pay more. In a phrase ■■■■ Westar.

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Employment at an all time high or very near it.

Fewer American on food stamps than at any time in the last decade or more.

Trade deficit reduced by 52bn.

Blue collar wages rising at the fastest rate in more than a decade.

I’d say we’re headed in the right direction.

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trump official :smiley:

Nobody ever talks about baby boomers retiring . I think that’s one of the reasons for employment at an all time high. Nothing political about it just timing

You’d have to be brain dead to consider this the best economy in history.

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Trump has been crashing the economy ever since he started his trade war.

Have you had enough winning?

Womp, womp.

Actually, has WildRose posted the last few months?

On a very long timeout.

I did not know that. Thanks.

You may be saying “no thanks” but President Obama just came off of a tour where he was trying to steal credit for everything good that has happened under Trump. So there’s that.