Trumps Double standard

Anderson Cooper on CNN took down Trump over his double standard.

he complains about vulgar or insulting language and yet he uses it all the time…
and yet his cultists dont care…

if someone called Cooper the c word, he might see a difference.

Trump’s used the word himself.

I guess you missed the word “alleged” .

Trump is alleged to be a Russian collaborator too.

Now back to facts.

If Anderson Cooper was called the c word in public, he might see a difference.

Cooper would no doubt laugh his ass off if someone called him the “c” word.

No doubt he has been called far worse than some slur that doesn’t even fit.


LOL nobody took Trump down the left and their fantasies.

Eyewitnesss accounts are not considered “alleged.”

Now back to facts.

“You probably can’t use the term `toxic ■■■■■ in your magazine, but that’s what she is. Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country. This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro.” --Ted Nugent

Too funny. You libs bitch about Trump while spouting off trash all he time. And say…isn’t Anderson Cooper that pervert that interviews the porn star?

You libs have totally lost it.

Here’s how it works here:

“Libs” guilty if - any remotely circumstantial evidence or account brought forth. Validity should never be questioned, despite the quality or character of the source.

Republicans/Trump guilty if - video and audio evidence from at least 3 sources with signed affidavits from all those involved and their next of kin, along with a signed admission of guilt. Even then, it could be coercion, trivial to begin with, or somehow justified by a false equivocation to the left.

Miss anything?

Their TDS is driving them nuts.

The double standard is that Trump only thinks ■■■■ is a mean word when libs say it. Personally I have no problem with Ted Nugent or Samantha Bee expressing themselves.

That was a real moral summit meeting wasn’t it? :rofl:

Actually neither do I…but Anderson Cooper is a hypocrite.

But again libs never could hold themselves up to same standards as they hold others.

Anderson Cooper is their best and brightest libs have.

Hypocrisy is not exclusive to the left. Both sides hold the other to higher standards for obvious reasons.

Strange code of ethics for Cooper. How many times did he say Ivanka called women the C… word publicly?

Yeah but he wasnt Prezzie den

the right just leases it. the left outright owns it.