Trumps DOJ obtained phone records of WaPo reporters who covered Russian interference

so its your position that its wrong for the government to follow proper procedures to obtain evidence in a criminal investigation into leaks of classified information? interesting.

It is, when it concerns the press. Which it’s freedom is part of the bill of rights.


Obamas was also directed at the leakers. How his White House investigated leaks was an over reach of epic proportions and indefensible imo

Again, they weren’t after the press, they were after the leakers. Now, Obama, he was after the press.


Blaming Biden for the shootings is like blaming trump for George Floyd’s murder.



Really? The violence that’s taking place in Democrat run cities around the country is happening directly from the policies being implemented and this buck stops at the WH.

the press is not free to conspire in illegal activity. that said, no one was investigating the press, or the reporters. they were seeking information on the leakers. what was done here was neither wrong nor a violation of press freedom.

All the shootings occurred in dem held areas

Are you sure about this little thing passed off to the forum as fact?


Obama tapped phones, much, much worse.

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Then how come reporters ended up in jail?? and court??


…by far the preponderance. Are you really and truly blind to this truth?

So let’s see the shootings the occurred, how many were killed, and where they occurred.

I know my requests for facts is pesky.


It was part of the investigation into leakers. You won’t get me to defend that nonsense though. It’s an over reach of epic proportions.

…any more denials left?

The government obtaining phone records should be so rare as to surprise us.

For instance
13 year old girl pulls out a handgun and beings shooting.

Chicago? New York?

Nope Idaho.

Biden’s fault for sure.


I’m not asking you to defend it. I’m asking about your statement that it was directed against the leakers??

Are you now claiming the jailed reporters were the leakers?? Because no one else was jailed…

To expose the leakers - sources. Are you guys ok? The hate is visceral Ans fun to watch though

You point out the needle in the haystack and try to pretend what you’re saying is true? I’ve noticed this pattern about you. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: