Trumps current psyche is “fragile”

This tweet would be shocking if it weren’t so funny.

Does anyone believe this could be a possibility? With trump’s ego, he might rather be seen as a quitter rather than a loser.

such accusations are part of Brennan’s psyops. Everyone knows that.

Why have an election at all??

All hail president gropey joe.

trump in a landslide!!

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Would be interesting to know who these GOP operatives and major players are.

That said, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Declaring bankruptcy is SOP for Trump in the business world. It’s reasonable to assume he would rather similarly bow out politically and spin whatever narrative he wanted rather than lose the re-election bid and have to try and spin that.


The left/msm promoted this kind of nonsense in 2016 also.

Wishful thinking.

So if trump quits the GOP wouldn’t run another candidate? Of course they would. I think a more reasonable candidate might allow the GOP to, at the least, hold onto the senate.

Reminds me of that old song wishing and hoping. :rofl:

Not sure how the GOP finds a means of distancing itself from Trump in this election cycle, even if he did bow out of the race.

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This was tweeted by a FOX journalist. Gasparino is not even close to being left wing.

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If I was trump and these events were coming down the pike, I would be fragile as well.

  • Trump v. Deutsche Bank ruling
  • Sen. Intel final report on Trump 2016
  • potential SDNY developments

Half of Fox “journalists” are never Trumpers and have been so from the get go.

Not impressed.

A few SCOTUS decisions are coming down this week, if I’m not mistaken. This will be a very interesting few days.

We’ve been hearing stuff like that from the beginning. He stays hidden in his room, trembling with fear, watching Fox News…and then the next public appearance would prove the lie.

Trump is way more resilient than people realize. We’ve heard similar stories in October 2016 after Hollywood Access tape came out.

My bet is he won’t be answering any questions from the press for a long, long time.

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I can’t see him quitting. He’d lose his opportunity to play victim, claiming they “STOLE” the election, and using that to jump start his new media empire next year post presidency


Yeah, yeah…just like the polls in 2016 when Trump dropped out and Hillary won…amirite…? :sunglasses:

Hey…OP…pass that doob you’re obviously bogarting. It’s Sunday evening and I’m relaxed. How bout u? Sharing is caring. :sunglasses:

He could easily claim that anyway.

“Do Nothing Democrats have rigged the election so that it is now impossible for your favorite President (Me) to win. Totally unfair but they hate me so much I have decided not to run for a second term but will continue to work from the private sector (and my media kingdom) to secure all the amazingly amazing accomplishments I accomplished that no other President will ever accomplish!”

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The only way anyone else could win the 2020 election, is through fraudulent mail in voting…period.