Trump's comments at Young Black Leadership Summit

A very excited and happy Group. Ready to make America great again. Really brings a smile to your face. They just love Trump. I wonder how CNN will make this racists, lol!

Not one word about hot sauce in the purse…lol!..

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I don’t know how you can watch this and not think Trump is a very nice man…


And why does it seem like he’s the first Republican president to take the black vote seriously?

I don’t even know where to begin.

How do you figure?

I am very impressed with Candace Owens. She and Katy Pavlich were on Mark Levin for a full hour. Both ladies are impressive.

Well, he makes sure and tell you about every two minutes every time he talks so it’s really, really hard… :roll_eyes:

lol - 31:20 “The economy is so strong that people are hiring people that got out of prison” uh… black people.

And the Trumpbots applaud like mad. :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl:

Holy ■■■■■ about 31:50 “I’m not saying all of them are good, even in this room there are probably a couple of bad ones, what do you think, are there any bad ones here?”

And that is directly when he is talking about people getting out of prison, in relation to increased black employment.

And the ■■■■■■■ idiots all laugh along like the moronic Trump bots they are.

The stupidity of Trump supporters cannot be over estimated.

Maybe you don’t know as much about how black people feel as you think you do.

I saw that and just shook my head… it’s incredible what he says and gets away with

Lol a lot of these guys are like Jesse lee peterson. Candace owens is just a snide harpy.

I know stupid when I see it and those are a bunch of truly dumb ■■■■■. :rofl:

Nice man? Cheating on all of his wives nice? Screwing over his contractors nice? Calling women “pigs” nice?
Do I need to go on?

Please do. :slight_smile:

He truly is a sweet, dear person.

Wait? So CNN and the mainstream media lied to me!?

They said most blacks hate Trump! lol.

Because you agree, he’s a very nice guy. Tough on opponents, but nice to Americans…

You like lot’s of people who cheat… He never screws any contractors. Going to court is part of big business. You have a legal department.

Perhaps, but a lot more like him than they did Bush… Obviously, the people in that room love him…