Trump's Campaign Manager: Trump is 'a Savior' Delivered by 'God'

"One major difference between Donald Trump and his predecessors is the continuation of political rallies post inauguration. Last weekend, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the president threw his 58th rally since being sworn into office.

Parscale wrote: “Loved watching the crowd fill up for the 547th Rally in Green Bay. There has never been and probably never will be a movement like this again. Only God could deliver such a savior to our nation and only God could allow me to help. God bless America!”

They are tying our God to the most ungodly con man politician they could have ever picked.

If you’re a Christian and you’re not sickened by this stuff then I don’t know what to say. Donald Trump has lived an entire life of lying, cheating, adultery, not paying his bills, intimidating people, bullying small businesses, trying to steal property, etc.

Republican men, stand up please. He’s rolling over you guys. Find the strength.

Honestly, I’m an evangelical myself and this crap nauseates me to death every time I hear it. I suspect God gets blamed for a lot of stuff He wants nothing to do with.


The cheese powder made flesh


Some people are going full moron.

The Republican party is becoming more and more like the political parties in the Middle East where they tie leaders and politicians to Allah.

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They’ve been doing it for decades. It’s just gone of the deep end by trying to tie a morally bankrupt individual like Trump to god.

I feel the same way about those close calls on the toilet…God was watching over me…

AMEN! Donald not only recast the Republican Party in his image, he performed a perfect hostile takeover of Christianity! Best thing that could have happened to a low energy and crooked religion! It will now thrive and prosper under his guidance!


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Islamists have been doing it for centuries.

Fat donald, brought to us by God.

Praise be to God for Trump.

Five bucks says there are at least some Americans who think Trump is the second coming.

10 bucks says at least one of them posts here.

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I will pass on those bets, thank you.

How delusional do you need to be to believe this bull ■■■■■

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How is a guy who raped his wife a blessing from God

Maybe Trump like the plague is from God, for he sees something wrong in his eyes?

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When God gives, he gives until our cups runneth over. A skinny Donald wouldn’t do - just look at “Mom Jeans/Bike Helmet Obama” - what a little wimp! Donald’s corpulence is a sign of great wealth and divine favor.


I knew America was religiously weird country but I didn’t think it was this weird.


Donald’s not a plague from God, he’s a mighty blessing dressed in big suits, oversized ties, and smelling of freeberty and KFC. God has blessed out Great Nation with this man as our leader!