Trumps best lawyer picks to defend him in the Senate

Number one on my list is Rudy… Would be hilarious when he has Schiff in the witness seat.

Number 2 would be Hannity… Obvious reasons… Its a tv show… Put in a talk show host that knows the content.

Number 3 would be Newt.

Its a Comedy, so rather then a overly serious pick, pick tv smart individual’s, that will give some gotcha questions… Get them witnesses committing perjury. Imagine a Schiff hearing conducted from behind bars

Why not Rush Limbaugh?

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I’d go with Mark Levin! Talk about someone who can put the Dem morons in their place, it would him and he is a Constitutional scholar and a lawyer.


Rush and Sean could assist the lawyer Mark Levin.

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The Democrats better beware about bringing an impeachment trial to the Senate. If Levin, Sean, Limbaugh are allowed to bring witnesses, they will turn this whole impeachment trial upside-down and certain Democrat Congress-Critters will be caught up in the aftermath.

Rush would probably get thrown out… It would be Senators throwing insults, Rush making fun of them… I dont want Rush in prison…

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Rudy would be my first choice as well. :clap:


What does he need a lawyer for? A State Fair corn dog could do the job and get the same result everyone knows what will happen.

If Trump isn’t willing to get a lawyer who is willing to attack then he should just give up now. Rush is the only person who knows how to bait Democrats into destroying themselves. Donald Trump needs experience. Rush isn’t going to go to prison as long as Barr is controls the DoJ.

Rush would be better at opening arguments.

Trump will win that isnt in question, but with good representation, can go from a win… To a win with democrats crying on tv.

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The Age of TV Republicans. :roll_eyes:

Judge Janine.

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Greg Jarrett?

He would yell the whole time.

He would call them morons directly. He would call someone a moron in that environment over 100 times a day.

It will be funny when Linda, or mr Snergly taps them on the shoulder and they start doing my pillow commercials and Vpn commercials tailored to the room… The start off with are you a lying no good politician? Cant sleep because of treasonous acts my pillow will help! Code name Epstine for half off. Obviously mock their messages being public and pitch vpn

Seriously Pam Bondi

Trump should be his own lawyer. :joy:

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That joe Pesci character would be good.