Trump's "Benghazi"

I saw several different clips today with democrat talking heads calling the embassy attack “Trump’s Benghazi”.

Do they really want to make that comparison? Really?

Let’s start with a few facts.

Like Benghazi they had forewarning that an attack might be coming.

Unlike Benghazi they removed the Ambassador and diplomatic staff long before the attack began.

Like Benghazi, the attackers penetrated the outer wall defended by the locals.

Unlike Benghazi not a single US national was killed and they didn’t penetrate into the embassy buildings.

Unlike Benghazi US forces were immediately mobilized and moved in to secure the embassy compound and additional forces from the 82nd immediately moved in to reinforce them.

Do the dem’s and their cohorts in the media really want to go there?


Links please. I did not see this. Thanks.

I saw some things and now here I am

Maybe the additional protections were a direct result of failure in Benghazi?

Benghazi didn’t happen at an embassy which are 100x more secure then consulates.

also the Embassy in Iraq is the one of the most secure buildings in the world.

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You’re deflecting.

Everything was done wrong in Libya. Everything was done right here.

As a result our diplomatic staff were never under threat here.

The facility in Benghazi was not even up to the standards that existed at the time. It could only be kept open on orders of Hillary and Obama as a result.

The standards were set by the commission after the series of attacks during the Clinton administration.

I’m supposed to provide links to all the MSM talking head shows?

No, sorry.

Some great examples here in this article.

You’re supposed to keep those things on the down low :zipper_mouth_face:

I love the liberal press…in that…they don’t even try to hide their blatant partisanship anymore. Does anybody consider them a fair and balanced, neutral source of actual news? Anybody?

By “fair and balanced” should we use Fox News’s use of “fair and balanced” as a reference point?

Go ahead and then tell me your conclusion to the question I just asked?

Strange. Neither did I and I was watching CNN most of the day. Also a google search shows nothing except Fox’s “The Five” saying the term

Not a single ine of those examples call it “Trump’s Benghazi”

We’ll need seven or eight investigations to get to the bottom of this.

Not being able to back up ones assertions is a sure sign of having nothing. It should be extrememly simple to at least give a name that proves these statements were made. A google search shows that The Five used the term this morning but that’s all that comes up


Mueller and Horowitz are available.


Use what ever source you chose. But most people use FOX.

I have heard the term Benghazi used at least ten times. And as you know, I don’t make things up. But you are free to believe what you choose.