Trump won dems need to give him his wall

Mr Trump won the Dems need to get over it. He promised to keep America safe and he can’t do this with the border wall. It’s time for the Dems to open up the government and get these people back to work. This shutdown is on the Dems!

Even Fox News has turned on Trump, opening labeling the shutdown as “his strategy.”

When Fox turns on a Republican, things aren’t going to be pretty.

And not just any Republican. They’re turning on their own creation

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This is just deep state media… The dems need to give up money for the wall and end this shut down

If he can’t keep us safe with the border wall, then why do we need to build it? That doesn’t seem very fiscally responsible.

The president doesn’t get to demand funding at the point of a gun. The government will remain shut until he gets this through his head.

Trump is so good. Bigly.

BTW, This is up to the Republicans, not the president. This is a GOP shutdown.

Nice try, but nobody is buying it. Trump owns the shutdown - proudly I might add. And the only wall is the one he is building around himself.

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As far as I can tell, the federal government is doing just fine.

I just saw a table full of Big Macs. Behind it stood the most powerful man in the world, looking happier than Charlie when he opened the chocolate bar to find the golden ticket.


You all need to get with it and hold the Dems solely responsible for this shut down… They hold the purse strings

Dem.s won the House in 2018, Trump needs to execute the laws that the legislative branch passes, not the reverse.

Not sure if serious.

It’s a Democrat shutdown.

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Not even Trump believes that.


Then why has trump claimed responsibility?

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Rush is talking about how much more easy it is to get the Trump agenda going in the fed bureaucracy with many of the workers gone and the media not watching…LOL!

rush says lots of things.

That’s why the GOP in the Senate refuses to vote on bills that would re-open the government, and did not open the government when they were in power in the House. Remember, the Democrats came into power with the government shutdown. Everyday the government remains shutdown in on the Republicans. They could override the President, but won’t; it’s all on them.


Don’t you wish Rush Limbaugh was a poster here? Then we could debate the specific things that he says with him.

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